Pregnancy #3 Update 19 Weeks

Thursday, July 19, 2018

How far along? 19 weeks (last Thursday, I'm a whole week behind ha!)
Total weight gain: 2 pounds  
Maternity clothes? No
Stretch marks? No
Best moment this week: Feeling baby boy move more and more 
Miss anything? Exercising more easily and without getting so tired ha 
Movement:  Flutters that are getting stronger! :) 
Food cravings: Pebble ice! I'm obsessed!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Sweeets 
Gender: Another sweet little boy!
Labor signs: No
Symptoms: Heartburn, Nausea, Tired 
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy most of the time
Looking forward to: Being able to show the kids when baby brother moves in my tummy. :) 
Exercise: Yes, I've been really good about strength training but definitely not as much cardio as usual ha. 


2018 Baby Shower Essentials Giveaway

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hey Guys!

I have an awesome giveaway for anyone who is expecting a baby this summer. Here are all the details!

Are you expecting a baby this summer? These 2018 Baby Shower Essentials are practical, natural, problem-solving and adorable! We are excited to share with you some great baby gift ideas and offer you the chance to win an amazing gift collection!
Baby Shower Ideas

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Pacific Baby Natural Bamboo Tableware are stylish, durable and natural; perfect for your baby's health and for our environment. They are gluten-free, dishwasher-safe and biodegradable.

Bamboobies Variety Pack Washable Nursing Pads come in two varieties. The ultra-thin, light pink heart-shaped regular nursing pads are made for light leaking and are designed to be less visible through clothing. The round shaped overnight nursing pads are not only ultra-soft, but larger, thicker and super absorbent for heavy leaking and newborn nursing.

Back Buddy is an award-winning maternity and feeding support pillow which alleviates common back pain during and after pregnancy. It provides comfort and support while holding or feeding baby and encourages proper position for breastfeeding.

Curtain Critters giraffe and elephant curtain tiebacks look adorable peeking out from behind curtains while keeping them in place. Perfect for a designer nursery!

Yummi Pouch Brights reusable food pouches are convenient to take yogurt, applesauce and smoothies on the go. Just mix up a blended snack, pour it in and seal the top of the pouch. Once finished, you can easily clean these snack pouches in the dishwasher.
Pamper a new baby with a 6-piece

Earth Mama Organics baby product collection of travel sized products. This luxurious set includes Organic Diaper Balm, Sweet Orange Baby Lotion, Sweet Orange Baby Wash, Calendula Baby Oil, and Organic Baby Face Nose and Cheek Balm.

Revelae Kids enclosed cozy sleepers are a great way to keep your little one warm and cozy while they snooze or rest. Cozy baby sleepers keep baby's arms and legs inside, while giving them tangible boundaries they can feel that aid in restful sleep for baby and parents.

Buttons Diapers all-in-two cloth diapers combine adjustable waterproof diaper covers and snap-in-place absorbent diaper inserts.

GOOtensils are pre-spoons that making starting utensils so much easier. GOOtensils are flat so there's no scooping, no balancing and no wrist rotation required. It allows a child to participate in mealtime until they can transition to a traditional spoon.

Toofeze Natural Baby Teether is soothing for baby's irritated gums. The stainless steel quickly gets cold ANYWHERE allowing you to bring a clean, cold teether even on the go. It's simply, the COOLEST teether ever!

The Polarn O. Pyret Eco Wind Fleece Bunting is windproof and water resistant with a double zipper & chin guard for a comfortable fit. The hood is breathable and detachable.

Alina Cosmetics Natural Moisturizing Lotion for Stretch Marks contains extracts of birch and licorice to strengthen collagen and elastin, increase the skin’s density and reduce the appearance of stretch marks in all skin types.

B & N all natural stain remover is made with Goat Milk Soap. Includes a built in 100% wool scrubber. It's great at removing breast milk stains from baby clothes and tough cloth diaper stains.

The Yookidoo Elephant Baby Shower is a battery operated compact & portable baby shower designed for ease of use by parents and gentle comfort for babies.

More Baby Shower Basics

ciao! babychair baby shower gift ideaSimply for Flying Logbook baby shower gift idea
ciao! babychair is the original go-anywhere-high chair. It's all one piece, folds up and comes with its own carry bag. Great for travel, dining out, outdoors and grandma's house.

The Simply for Flying Logbook is unique keepsake which will keep a record of all your child's flying adventures & memories. It's better than a passport! With the assistance of the Captain & Crew, each flight will be recorded and signed by the Captain. Suitable age 0+.
Baby Shower Essentials Giveaway - Mommy Scene

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Toofeze Natural Baby Teether • Yummi Pouch Brights • Back Buddy • Revelae Kids Cozy Sleeper • Buttons Diapers (3 covers/inserts) • Pacific Baby Natural Bamboo Bowls • bamboobies Variety Pack • Earth Mama Organics Baby Travel Set • Eco Wind Fleece Bunting • Goat Milk Stain Remover • Curtain Critters • Natural Moisturizing Lotion for Stretch Marks • GOOtensils • Yookidoo Elephant Baby Shower

Pregnancy #3 Update 18 Weeks

Monday, July 9, 2018

(I didn't get a formal picture, so this will have to do.)
How far along? 18 weeks (last Thursday)
Total weight gain: A pound or so 
Maternity clothes? No
Stretch marks? No
Best moment this week: Anatomy ultrasound and finding out the gender 
Miss anything? Solid sleep, I wake up a lot ha.
Movement:  Occasional flutters 
Food cravings: Nothing really distinct this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Some foods, especially things that are sweet. 
Gender: BOY!!!!!
Labor signs: No
Symptoms: Heartburn 
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: Feeling baby BOY more
Exercise: Yep, I'm teaching like 6 times this week so that'll be a party ha! ;)  


It's A......

Monday, July 9, 2018

We found out on Thursday that we are having a boy and we are so excited! I will admit I was a bit surprised because I was so sure that it was a girl, but I'm thrilled to have another little boy! Rose is super excited too and keeps telling us that she is still the only princess in the family. ;) Riley doesn't quite understand and just keeps telling me that he has a puppy in his tummy haha!


Pregnancy #3 Update 17 Weeks

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How far along? 17 weeks (last Thursday)
Total weight gain: I think I'm up a pound or so, which I'm happy about because I lost weight initially.
Maternity clothes? No
Stretch marks? No
Best moment this week: My doctor's visit. 
Miss anything? Not getting so tired during workouts and more controllable heartburn.
Movement:  Occasional flutters but still nothing consistent 
Food cravings: Salads with chicken tenders, apples, and I really want a sausage, egg, and cheese mcgriddle from McDonalds but have yet to give into that one haha. I'm afraid it will make me VERY sick. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Food
Gender: Don't know yet
Labor signs: No
Symptoms: Nausea, Heartburn, Tired, all the normal stuff ;) 
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: I am feeling super grateful for a wonderful husband who treats me amazing, two wonderful children, and the blessing of a healthy pregnancy thus far. I am moody when I am tired and hungry hahaha!
Looking forward to: My next doctor's appointment!
Exercise: Yes! I love exercising and I believe it really helped me have easier pregnancies and deliveries with Rosalie and Riley.