Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Silk 18 Conditioner Review

Today I'm excited to review Silk 18 Conditioner with you! I am always on the hunt for great products that I can use on my hair, so I was excited when Maple Holistics sent me this conditioner to try. I know how important it is for the review of a product to be honest, so here's a list of the pros and the cons that I came up with.


Smell- I absolutely love the smell of this conditioner! It reminds me of a vanilla bean or vanilla cupcake! I have a super hard time using a conditioner that doesn't smell very good, even if it works great on my hair, so this was a win!

Paraben and Silicone Free- Since these are not only harmful to your hair, but also linked to other negative health problems, I feel like no conditioner should use them. This conditioner is very natural and I really liked knowing exactly what I was putting onto my scalp and in my hair.

Helped Reduce Frizz- My hair can definitely be frizzy at times, and has been a bit worse postpartum. I really liked how this conditioner helped to smooth out my hair and tame some of the crazy frizz I get at times.

Moisturizing- The ends of my hair can get super dry and this makes my split ends worse. I really liked that this conditioner gave the ends of my hair some extra moisture and made my ends look a lot better. Granted, I still need a trim very badly ha!


Greasy- Now I don't know if this is just because my hair is naturally very greasy at the roots or what, but I did notice that my roots got greasy very quickly after using this conditioner. My hair felt great, but the greasy hair meant that I needed to wash it again soon ha!

Price Point- I know everyone has a very different price point when it comes to their hair products, but this could definitely be a con to someone who isn't used to spending much. I will say, you definitely get what you pay for though.

Overall, I thought this was a great conditioner, especially for someone who has dry hair! If you want to try out the shampoo that is made specifically for damaged hair, you can read more about it here.


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