Friday, March 22, 2019

A Little Life Update

I haven't been great about posting lately because we have been sick for the past two weeks or so and it's been tough! It was a horrid stomach bug and I am so glad that we are all feeling better now! We did manage to get some fun stuff in between sicknesses though, so I thought'd I'd share a few pictures. :)
We took the kids to Pet World and the kids were fascinated by all of the animals! They were a bit upset that there were no puppies or kittens because they both want a puppy so bad it isn't even funny.

Chanse and I switch off weeks taking Riley to his little gymnastics class and it's a blast! Riley gets so excited for the one-on-one time and he grins from ear to ear and runs all over the place like an energizer bunny the whole time. :) 

If you have seen the show Trolls on Netflix, then you might recognize my kids as being Party Crashers. Rose is obsessed with them and always asks me to dress her up as one! :) 
We went the to the library over Spring Break when most of us were feeling halfway decent and the kiddos loved it! They did a Story Time in Portuguese and it was so cool! 
Clint is by far my smiliest baby and we all love it so much! He gets so excited when you talk to him and his smile is so contagious!
It has finally been warm enough to play outside, so we have totally been taking advantage of it. Our backyard is small, but I am counting my lucky stars that we have one this time around! :) 
We always seem to be on the go with one activity or another, but I love it! I love seeing my kids happy and thriving and doing things that they enjoy! I also like that it burns off some of their energy!;) 

I hope to be back to regular (or at least more regular ha) blog posts now that we are all feeling better. Thanks so much for following along! Have a wonderful weekend! I plan to spend a lot of time outside enjoying the warmth here in Kansas! :) 


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