Tuesday, January 22, 2019

My Morning Fitness Routine

I often get asked how I can commit to working out regularly and I can honestly say that it is because I have made it a part of my regular morning routine. It is always on the agenda and I plan for it the night before. I thought I'd share with you guys how my morning fitness routine normally goes. Obviously what I do may or may not work for you, but hopefully you can get some good ideas! :) 

The Night Before 
My morning fitness routine actually starts the night before. I get my gym clothes out, as well as the kids clothes for the following day. This saves me a ton of time in the morning and makes things much less hectic! The kids also have a little snack that they eat at the gym daycare, so I generally pack that the night before, or have an idea of what I will pack for them so I can quickly grab it in the morning. 

First Thing In The Morning
As soon as I wake up in the morning, I get myself ready. I know that if I don't get ready first, then I will likely get busy with the kids and will feel super stressed and rushed to get my clothes on, hair brushed, etc. This doesn't always working out perfectly (especially right now when I have a newborn and tend to sleep in because I have been up in the night ha!), but generally I like to have myself ready before the kiddos are up. 

Once The Kids Are Awake
If Clint wakes up before Rosalie and Riley, then I get him changed and dressed first, or vice versa. I then make breakfast, pack their snacks, diapers, wipes, etc. Depending on how many fits are thrown (just keeping it real), this can be quick and painless or sometimes takes a bit longer. 

If you are going to the gym and need to be there at a certain time for a class, meeting a gym buddy, etc., then my advice is to plan for this! I always tell myself we need to leave the house about 5 minutes before we actually do, and this helps me at least get closer to being on time ha!

Right Before We Go
I haven't taken Clint to the gym just yet, but with my other babies, I make sure to nurse them a few minutes before we leave. This helps make sure that they are full and happy while I workout. Right before we leave the house, I like to take my pre-workout. I then get my BCAAS ready, and sometimes pack some protein, depending on whether or not I will be coming home after the gym. 

Once We Get To The Gym 
As soon as I get to the gym, I drop the kids off. If any of them need changed or to go to the bathroom, I quickly take care of this. This is another reason why I try to be early ha! I get them settled and then I'm off to exercise. This time is super important to me and I seriously love it!

Now, I have been mostly working out at home since having Clint, so right now I basically do the same thing, but instead of leaving the house, I just stay home and exercise. Clint can go to the gym here, I am just super paranoid about sickness and newborns, so I wait just a bit. 

I know this whole routine probably sounds pretty simple and straightforward, but it honestly saves me in the mornings and helps me make sure that I get my workout in. If you guys are like me, and your workout is super important to you, then you know how important it is to plan ahead. 

I'd love to hear what some of your routines are and if you have any questions feel free to ask!


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