Thursday, January 31, 2019

5 Things I'm Trying Really Hard To Do With My Kids

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I feel like as a mom I am always trying to be better, just as I'm sure all of you other moms are as well. Rather than beating myself up and feeling all of the mom guilt, I have things that I am actively trying to do with my kids. These are things that I have noticed make a big difference, both for them and for me. 
1. Really Listen To Them
Rosalie and Riley LOVE to talk, especially Rosalie. From the moment they wake up, they start chattering. Because of this, I have noticed that I tune out what they are a saying several times through the day. I will give them responses, but I am not really listening to them. When I find that I am doing this, I stop whatever it is that I am doing and really listen to what they are saying and have an engaging conversation with them. Obviously, I am not perfect at this, but I recognize the importance of it and I am really trying.

2. Spend Quality Time With Each Of Them
I am realizing that with 3 kids it is getting harder and harder to spend quality time with each of them. But at the same time, I know that quality time with them is more important than ever. I try to find time in each day to spend one on one with each of them. Whether it be with Riley at his gymnastics class, with Rosalie in the morning before her brothers are awake, or with Clint at night when we get to snuggle. These times are important and I feel like it makes a huge difference!

3. Be More Specific When I Thank Them
I listened to a podcast recently that said we are generally very vague when we thank our kids, but are much more specific when we criticize them. This has really struck a cord with me because I normally just give a broad, "thank you" when a task is completed. However, after hearing this podcast, I have been working really hard to be specific when I thank my kids. I tell them exactly what I am thankful for and how proud I am of them. Watching their faces light up when I do this is proof to me of how much they need this positive feedback.

4. Reduce Their Screen Time
My kids love their little cartoons and they also love their Kindles. I think that it is great for them to enjoy these things, but in moderation of course. Over the holidays, when we were home a ton, I found that they were spending a lot of time watching tv and/or playing games on their Kindles. This meant I spent less time playing with them, talking to them, etc. I noticed the difference and I didn't like it. I feel like a healthy balance in our house is key, so that's what I am working on.

5. Play More Games With Them
My kids LOVE to play games of all kinds, but I on the other hand do not. I am not proud of this, just being honest. However, because they love them so much, I know that it is important that I play with them. So, I have made it a goal to not only say yes when they ask me to play a game with them, but really have fun with them while playing. It is honestly a good learning experience for all of us and it is another opportunity to spend quality time together.

Being a mom really is the best thing ever and I feel so blessed to be the mom to my 3 kiddos! 
What are some things that you guys are doing?



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  1. Those are all great things. We listen to a lot of music and try to do a craft each day. I definitely notice the screen time difference on the days where I have so much editing to do that I’ll just turn on a cartoon for jax while Thea is napping so I can get a good flow going. Today, instead of the tv, I turned on music (an almost everyday occurance) and got out the play dough for jax while Thea napped and I cleaned. He loved it and played so well for hours! I feel like I’ve really been trying to be a better mommy this week and I can see the difference in all of our attitudes.


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