Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Why I Love Teaching Group Fitness

If you know me, you know how much I love teaching group fitness classes. I love fitness and I love helping people, so it is the perfect combination for me. I got into teaching group fitness while working on my personal training certification and I love the experience that it has given me. I wanted to talk a little bit about why I love teaching group fitness incase any of you were looking into teaching group fitness classes yourself or even just taking group fitness classes as a class member.

1. Everyone Motivates Each Other
It is hard to compete with the classroom environment when it comes to motivation. There is just something about having everyone around you working hard and exercising with you. As a teacher, I feel like you are even more motivated because you want to motivate everyone in your class to work even harder and do their best. This is such a positive environment and I love it!

2. Each Class Is So Different
Another reason I love teaching group fitness is the fact that each class that I have had the privilege of teaching is SO different. I love the high intensity and upbeat atmosphere of HIIT, but I also love the good ole' burn that comes along with weight lifting. The people in each class are also different and I love meeting and interacting with new people!

3. Creating/Learning Routines Is A Blast
One of my most favorite parts about teaching is coming up with new routines. I love it because not only is it fun for me to combine exercises in new ways, but it helps to keep things new and exciting in class. It also switches things up so that class members can continue to be challenged and progress after each class.

4. Instructors And Class Members Get An Excellent Workout
I know that when I teach a class I am going to get an excellent workout, and in turn, my class is going to get an excellent one as well. When I go to a class, or the gym in general, I want it to be worth my time, so I work hard. My classes are challenging, but I also offer various modifications so that everyone in the class can participate at a level in which they are comfortable.

5. It's So Rewarding!
I absolutely love teaching others and helping them to reach their health and fitness goals. There is nothing more gratifying than having class member come up to you after class and telling you how much they enjoyed your class or how it "kicked their butt". This is so rewarding for me and is 100% why I love teaching!

If you are looking into teaching group fitness, I would highly recommend it! I haven't taught as much lately since my due date is getting closer and I really miss teaching some of the classes that I used to teach! The gym is my happy place and teaching group fitness is definitely part of that for me! :) 
*Do you teach group fitness? 
*Do you take group fitness classes?


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