Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Why Self-Care Is So Important For Me As A Mom

A lot of the time as a mom I feel guilty when I do things for myself, but I am slowly learning that self-care is SO important. When I take care of myself and make some time for me, I am a much better mother. I really feel like we as moms need to stop feeling guilty about this, or at least I know I do. I was thinking the other day about what I do in terms of "self-care" and how these things help me. I decided to create a list and thought I'd share it with all of you.

1. Exercise 
I'm sure I probably sound like a broken record when it comes to exercise, but it is a crucial part of my life and it helps me SO much. I love that I am able to do something that is just for me and that literally allows me to physically stay in good health. It helps me mentally as well and I feel like I am a better mom because of the time I get to spend exercising each day. While I of course prefer working out at the gym while my children play and have a good time, a good early morning workout at home, or a workout while my kids are playing with toys, is also super beneficial for me.

2. Personal Study Time 
I really enjoy spending time each day in personal study. I enjoy reading from/listening to the scriptures and also listen to talks from leaders of my church (The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints) While this study is often not as in-depth as I'd like, and it is often interrupted, I treasure it and I know that I need it. It often helps to renew me and encourages me to be the best mom that I can be.

3. Take A Bath 
I am one of those people that LOVE taking baths. This is especially true when I am pregnant, but I honestly enjoy them all of the time. I can slow down, relax, and just be alone. The time that I get to spend alone is few and far between, so taking a bath is my perfect excuse to get away for a little bit once Chanse gets home from school.

4. Browse The Internet 
I still like to put my kids to bed every single night and treasure this time with them because I know the day will come when they are "too old" for this. However, once they are asleep, I love to browse the internet for a bit. Looking at new recipes is super fun for me and I also really enjoy looking at ideas for new exercises. I will also scroll through Facebook and Instagram before bed because I LOVE pictures and staying in touch with people that I don't get to see in person very often. Some may say this is wasted time on social media, but I really enjoy it.

5. Watch One Of My "Shows" 
There are certain shows that I just love watching when I have the time, even if some of them are silly and pointless ha. It is nice to turn the television on and watch something other than a cartoon. Sometimes I watch a show while the kids are playing and other times I will watch something after they've gone to bed.

6. Write In My Journal 
I've always kept a journal and love it. It is a great way for me to remember things and just unload my thoughts. I am not a great writer, but that doesn't matter when it comes to keeping a journal. I have loved looking back at my entries over the years and while I don't write as often as I'd like, the quiet time that I do spend writing is very important to me.
7. Blogging
I have loved blogging ever since I started my blog in 2012. I haven't always been consistent with it, but I will always blog because it is something that I genuinely enjoy. Many of my interests and passions are showcased on my blog and I feel that it is something that is just for me. :)

While there are of course other things that I do, I find that these simple things help to keep me sane and allow me to just think of and take care of myself for a bit, whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally. 

What do you do for you???


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