Saturday, October 6, 2018

Homecoming Parade

Last weekend it was Homecoming for Boone High School and we are lucky enough to live on the road where the Homecoming Parade took place. As soon as we heard the parade start, the kids and I ran outside to watch. Since we are right where the parade begins, we were the first people they passed and they gave the kids a ton of candy. Rosalie loved the cheerleaders and Riley liked the fire truck and of course all of the candy! And yes, I failed to get any pictures of the actual parade ha!

 The kids faces weren't painted for any special reason except that I had promised them I would paint their faces that day. Rosalie was a kitty and Riley was an owl if you couldn't tell. I feel like I am really stepping up my game artistically because I am the least artistic person on the plant! I guess wanting to make your kids happy will do that to ya! ;) Have a great weekend! I enjoyed LDS General Conference today and will tune in again tomorrow. If you'd liked to watch, then you can watch it here at 10am-12pm MST and 2pm-4pm MST. 


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