Thursday, September 6, 2018

What's In My Gym Bag?

I thought I'd do a post about all of the things I keep in my gym bag on a regular basis. I realized I forgot to add chapstick after I put this list together, but that is an essential for me as well. :) 

1. Kleenex Tissues
I swear it doesn't matter what season it is, when I start working out, my nose starts running. I always have these on hand in my gym bag just in case!

2. Gatorade Energy Chews 
Sometimes when I am teaching and/or just doing a HIIT workout, a little burst of energy in the form of sugar is nice. I use these for that and it's a bonus that they taste super good too! :)

3. Hair Ties 
I have forgot a hair tie once or twice when I've gone to the gym and it is so annoying having my hair in my face. I try to keep a few hair ties in my bag for this reason and I love that these don't damage my hair.

4. Xtend BCAAS
I am a true believer of the benefits of BCAAs and this is one of my favorite brands. And bonus, they taste super good!

5. FitBit Surge 
I know that the FitBit Surge has been discontinued but they have several other versions of FitBits now that essentially do the same thing. I love having my watch to show me how I am doing and keep me accountable. I also really like using my stopwatch, heart rate monitor, and other features when I teach.

6. PINK Gym Duffle 
I love everything Victoria's Secret Pink and would buy it all if I could. My gym bag is no exception. I love how it is big enough to fit what I need, but not so huge that it is hard to carry around.

7. Lifting Gloves 
Chanse sometimes makes fun of my for having soft hands but there are some lifts that I really like using lifting gloves for and these totally save my hands from getting horrid blisters.

8. PINK Sweater 
As I just said, I love everything PINK so it's no surprise that I have several PINK sweaters. I always have one with me because the gym is always cold to me when I first walk in, no matter what season it is.

9. Boxing Gloves 
I take a kickboxing classes at my YMCA, so I also keep gloves in my bag so I always have them. I didn't take a kickboxing class until I moved to Iowa, so that has been a lot of fun. It is especially good for getting out that extra anger ha! ;)

10. Blender Bottle 
I know that there are so many awesome water bottles out there, but I love Blender Bottles. They last forever and the little metal ball (the blender ha? idk!) mixes stuff so well!

What's in your gym bag?


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