Wednesday, August 1, 2018

My 6 Simple Tips For Getting Your Hair To Grow

My hair got really damaged when I was first married and I ended up having to cut it all off. It sucked and I just wanted my long, healthy hair back. Here I am, 6 years later, with long hair and I'm so grateful! All the hair on my head is mine and I don't use extensions for length or for fullness, although I wouldn't mind using them to make my hair look fuller! :) I know hair is just hair and it grows back, but it takes time and I am not a patient person. ;) I thought I'd share some helpful tips for those who are trying to grow out their hair or keep their long hair as healthy as possible.
1. Get A Trim ONLY When You Need It 

I feel like I've always heard that you needed a trim every six weeks in order for your ends to stay healthy and your hair to grow, but this just isn't true. At least not for me.... If I notice that my ends are really damaged and my hair is breaking off at the bottom, then I get a trim, but if my ends look decent, then I wait. I would say most of the time I get a trim every 3-6 months or more, but sometimes that's because I'm a mom and I neglect getting it done ha.

2. Eat A Balanced Diet 

It is true that eating a healthy and balanced diet helps your hair to grow and remain healthy. I have noticed a difference when I am eating healthy vs. when I am eating like crap. For me, protein is key, but everyone is different and everyone's hair is different. My hair is not only stronger, but it is also softer and my ends are healthier and less brittle. 

3. Use Minimal Heat On Your Hair 

I rarely curl my hair. The picture above shows my hair curled, but this was the first time that it was curled since December! I am all about braids to create natural waves in my hair or buns to get my hair out of my face. If you are using heat on your hair though, be sure to use a heat protectant. I currently use TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave In Spray. It's super cheap and it works really well for me.  

4. Deep Condition It

I have found that if I deep condition my hair at least once a week, it is healthier. This is especially true of the ends of my hair. Because my ends are the parts of my hair that need the most nourishment, I put the majority of the deep conditioner in this part of my hair. I have used both expensive and cheap deep conditioners and I haven't noticed that much of a difference *GASP*! Recently I used THIS leave-in conditioner and it worked great. I have also use THIS and THIS leave-in conditioner in the past and felt they worked great as well.

5. Use Hairbands That Reduce Breakage 

I have my hair in a ponytail or braid A LOT, whether it be because I am exercising or simply because I don't want my hair in my face. Because of this, I try really hard to use hairbands that don't damage my hair. I have tried scrunchies of all kinds, as well as hair ties that aren't damaging. I like these scrunchies and these hair ties. These scrunchies with bows are super cute as well.

6. Don't Wash Your Hair Every Day

I feel like this is kind of a controversial thing. Some people swear that they have to wash their hair everyday and others don't wash their hair for weeks at a time. For one thing, how often you "need" to wash your hair is going to depend on how oily your hair is. My hair gets greasy pretty fast (unless I'm pregnant...weird I know), and this is made worse when I exercise. Because of this, I use dry shampoo and try to wash my hair every other day or every 3rd day. This makes it so that the natural oils aren't stripped out of my hair, keeping it healthier.

I hope these tips helped out and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!


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