Monday, May 28, 2018

Pool Day!

On Saturday I loaded the kids up in the car and we headed to Walmart to get a pool and some fun pool toys. We left all of our pool stuff with my sis when we moved, so I knew that we were in need of some new items. 
Chanse had been out of town all week so we were on our own. It was a complete success though and the kiddos loved it! It was 95 degrees outside, so the pool was perfect for keeping everyone cool. Our backyard is still a long way from being done, but we made the back patio work and the kids thought it was great.
 Oh and just so you can all have a good laugh I will tell you a little story. Our house doesn't have an outdoor spigot for some reason so I bought an adapter to connect a hose to our indoor faucet. Well the adapter was the wrong size, so I ended up having to hold the hose up to the facet to fill the pool. It wasn't as effective as I would've liked, but it was better than carrying a billion buckets of water from the tub ha!

How'd you spend your weekend?


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