Friday, May 25, 2018

A Little Life Update

This is the first summer that I have lived 1000000000000 miles away from family. We are used to spending pretty much our entire summer with family, so this is a big change for us. Thankfully, the kids have adapted really well and they love living in Iowa. I think living right by a park helps, along with kid care at the YMCA, the library, church, and all that good stuff. 

I am a homebody by nature, but Rosalie is SO social that I have her involved in several activities. She has done ballet, gymnastics, tumbling tots, art class, and soccer this year and loved each one of them. She has a busier social life than I do and I am totally okay with that. Next year she starts preschool, so I guess she will be even busier ha. Riley is growing up so fast and he is talking up a storm. I am so impressed with how well he speaks and I think it has a lot to do with his older sister.

Chanse is super busy at Iowa State and is doing research this summer. He loves being a Ph.D. student and I'm so proud of him! Anyways, here are some pictures of the last week or so. I sure love being a mom to these sweet kiddos!
This is Riley's face the entire time that we are outside because the bugs are SO bad! Like, WOW, bad!
 The kiddos absolutely love bath time! It is seriously one of their favorite activities, especially when we bring out the toys. 
 This girl is my cuddle bug for life and I love it! 
 The face of pure joy when we arrive at the park. :) 
 Anything sister can do, he can do too...... or at least he sure tries. ;)

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