Monday, January 29, 2018

More From Our Utah Trip

I have a bunch of random photos that I wanted to share from our trip to Utah. We all had so much fun and I'm sad that it's already over. We were so blessed to be able to go and I am so glad my husband was a champ and let me stay for an extra little bit while he went back to Iowa for school. 
Riley and Thea 
 Pounding her frosting!
 Before we cut off his amazing hair. :( 
 Christmas Morning!
 Snuggling with Daddy! :) 
 We are creepy hahaha!
 We went on a little hike and the kids loved it!
 Cutest cousins!
 My little birthday celebration. Chanse and I went to the movies and I came home to the house decorated and a yummy cake. :) 
My handsome little man. He looks cute with short hair, but I LOVE it longer. :) 

So I know I keep saying I will blog more and then I go forever without blogging. I am trying to though, life is just SO crazy and I feel like I never have any time. Hopefully now that we are back home and I am on more of a schedule, I will get my but in gear. I hope everyone has an amazing week!


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