Wednesday, February 8, 2017

St. George Trip

After Christmas the kids and I went down to St. George for a bit and we had a great time! My parents recently moved down there, so we had fun exploring and hanging out with my family. I loved how much more mild the weather was, and the kiddos loved all of the extra attention. They also got a second Christmas, so of course that was super fun for them as well. :) 
We celebrated my birthday while we were there, and my sweet mom got me my favorite kind of cake. Chocolate with whipped frosting. Yum! 
Rose got to blow out the candle and it made her very excited for her own birthday. :) Kids make everything better!
I just had to post this picture because Riley was having so much fun!
My dad works at the St. George Temple so we went to walk the grounds. They are so pretty! He is doing an amazing job!
She was so upset when we told her that she couldn't swim in the pool haha.
The nativity was her favorite because it included animals of course. ;) 
Just two cousin buddies watching a movie. :)

The trip was a lot of fun and, as always, I loved spending time with my family and wished we lived closer. 


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