Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Where Did November Go?!

I can't believe November is over! I swear time gets faster and faster as I get older. I used to feel like it took forever for Christmas to arrive and now I feel like there isn't enough time. I love this time of the year though so I try really hard to cherish it. I have a bunch of random photos from the month of November that I wanted to post. My family came down for Thanksgiving this year and it was so much fun! We also had a good time enjoying some time outside in the leaves. :) 
Rose loved going to a BYU Football game. :)
Helping Nana cook on Thanksgiving. :)
Riley loves Uncle Collin!


  1. The most beautiful family and most beautiful pictures!!!! I feel the sake that time just keeps going faster and I can't slow it down!!!! I hope our time during Christmas will slow down just a little for us!!!

  2. Totally agree! I feel like the holidays make time speed up even faster. Halloween comes and then BOOM, it's New Years. WHA!? Love you guys!!


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