Friday, July 22, 2016

Jax's 1st Birthday Party

Nana had to get some snuggles in. :)
Riley loved chilling with Papa before the party started. :)
Jax turned one on July 9th and I still can't believe that he is one! Time went by so so fast and it seems like just yesterday that Court was in the hospital having him. He is the sweetest boy ever and I am so lucky to be his aunt. He has the best smile on the planet and Rosalie absolutely adores him. :) He had a fun little pool party and all the kids had a blast playing in the pools with the beach balls. Riley even dipped his toes in the water for the first time and didn't seem to mind too much. ;)


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  1. You're so sweet for making a post about Jax man's party!! Thanks for helping and coming to play! Love you Rach!


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