Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Day At The Ponds

She was terrified of the fish. It was pretty funny!

We finally got her to touch the fish and she was pretty proud of herself. :)
My In-laws own some great fishing ponds and we had a great time going with Chanse's family a little while back. Rosalie experienced a lot of firsts while we were there. She held a crawdad for the first time, which I found pretty darn impressive and she also caught her first fish! Chanse got it on his fishing pole and she helped him to reel it in. It was so fun seeing how excited she was, and it was hilarious when we showed her the fish to see how scared she was of it. She wouldn't touch the fish at first, but we finally got her to do it after doing it ourselves and she was so incredibly proud of herself and kept saying over and over to everyone how she had touched the fish. :) She seriously has so much personality and I absolutely love it! Riley was such a good little guy even though it was windy, and as usual, no one could get enough of him. :) 


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  1. That is so funny she was scared of the fish! So cute she touched it too! Brave little thing!❤️


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