Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Makeup Products That I Have Been Loving

I am normally not one to spend a ton of money on foundation, but when I heard about this stuff and saw how good it looked on, I knew that I just had to try it. I got it in "Desert Beige" and the color works well with my skin tone. I could've probably gone a shade lighter though in case you are trying to figure out what color to order.  It lasts forever, it doesn't make my skin oily, goes on super evenly (is that a word ha?), and was definitely worth the price.

I am all about e.l.f products lately because they work really well and they are super affordable. I bought this particular palette about 2 weeks ago and love it. The colors are perfect for contouring your face and I use this tutorial for my contouring and this brush to apply and blend the powders.

I actually received a sample of this when I ordered my Estee Lauder foundation, and it is amazing! It really helps to make my my pores less visible and also stops my foundation from sinking into my pores. The sample they sent me was "medium" and it is a bit dark, so I am going to order a shade that is a bit lighter like "light" or "fair". 

When I saw this blush for around $2 dollars, I snatched it up. The color was so soft and pretty, and I had been looking for a blush that was more pink in color than red. I got this one in "shy", and it matches my skin tone perfectly. It gives me the perfect amount of pink color to my cheeks without overdoing it. 

I had never used an eyeliner with a velvet tip before I purchased this one, but I love it! I am one that likes my eyeliner just a little bit thicker, and this does the job perfectly. It also stays on really well and doesn't smear, which is super important to me because I am always accidentally touching around my eyes. Another bonus is that it seems to last forever. I have had it for over a month now and use it basically every day and it is still going strong. 

With this pregnancy I have been losing some of my eyebrow hairs (weird I know), so I have to fill in my eyebrows or else you can hardly see them. I love that this kit comes with two steps. The powder to first fill in the eyebrows and then the gel to set the powder in place. It makes shaping my eyebrows super easy and it lasts all day. 

I randomly bought this the last time I ran out of mascara and I really like it. It adds length and volume to my eyelashes without looking clumpy. Right now that is super important for me because I have also been losing some of my eyelashes with this pregnancy as well. I will always be a girl who loves eyelash extensions more than anything else, but this is definitely a great mascara for making my natural eyelashes look good. 

When I purchased this powder, one of the first things that I noticed was that less is more. It goes on super strong, so be sure to place just a small amount on your brush to begin with. Blending is key, but once you have it all blended in, it adds the perfect amount of color to your skin. I use this brush to apply my blush and bronzer, and it works really well. 

First of all, I want to say sorry in advance for any typos that I may have in this post. I am writing this super late and I am not sure how well my brain is functioning haha. I hope you guys like these products and if you try them out please let me know what you think. Oh and if you have any favorites, please tell me about them in the comments so I can try them out. I am always looking for new makeup to try!



  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite beauty products!!!! My mom used to wear that Estee Lauder foundation, and ever since she let me use hers, I've been in love with it!!!!! <3 What's your favorite lipstick brands?

    Hi Amber❤︎
    Although I LOVE all these looks, I think I should say look 3 is my favorite!!!!! Denim over all is such a great piece as a coverup for a swimsuit and your double ban hair! <3 <3 I can't hand it! TOO CUTE!!!!! Have you ever done a tutorial video? If not, I would love to watch it, cuz I definitely wanna try myself this summer!!!!!! Thanks for the inspo!

    xo from Seattle,


  2. I absolutely love Bobbie Brown! I use her foundation moisturizer in SPF 35 and it is my favorite light foundation product. I'll have to try the BB cream!


  3. I am completely obsessed with the Double Wear foundation. Once Discovered it, I gave up on buying any others! (Although from what I hear the new formula by Charlotte Tilbury is comparable)




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