Friday, January 15, 2016

Baby Essentials That I'm Excited To Use For Baby #2

When I had Rosalie I didn't have a video monitor, but instead had just a sound monitor. For some moms this is great, but I am a HUGE worrier, so it wasn't. I hated that I couldn't see her when she was sleeping in the bedroom so I would check on her over and over again. This would sometimes wake her up, which of course wasn't great either. I also worried about whether or not she was breathing okay when she was first born. This monitor is the best of both worlds because you can see your baby and there is a sensor pad to use to monitor their breathing as well. I bought this for Rosalie when she was around 1, so I didn't use the sensor pad, but the monitor has been amazing! I'm so excited to use it for our little guy!

With Rosalie I ended up going through 3 different carseats and I honestly didn't like any of them. One was too hard to buckle in, the other had a handle that stuck horribly, and the last one had material that made her sweat. I did a lot of research this time around before getting a carseat and I decided to get this one. Not only does it have amazing ratings, but the price is very reasonable.

There is no way that I am going to be able to function without a double stroller when I have two kids so I was looking for double strollers that were not only compatible with my carseat, but also ones that would grow with my kiddos. I found this one and loved it! I like that it is back and front instead of side-by-side (How do people even get those things in the door!?), and I also love that Rosalie and our new little baby boy will both have plenty of room. 

This is something that I really skimped on with Rosalie and I wish I hadn't. I had two different carriers that I got at yard sales and both of them weren't very good. They really hurt my back so I knew I needed a good carrier this time around. I have heard so many amazing things about ERGObaby carriers and the reviews specifically said these were great for relieving some of the tensions on your back. I also got the infant insert so that he will fit in it right away. I know that I am going to need to get stuff done after our little man gets here and this is how I plan to do it. ;)

My sister got this for her little man when he was born and it is amazing! So much better than those more traditional nose suckers. You actually put it in your child's nose and suck. There is a filter so don't worry, nothing goes into your own mouth ha! It is amazing though and it is going to be a complete life saver with a newborn!

Rectal thermometers are great and are very accurate, but it is so nice to have another option. Rosalie got so sick of me taking her temperature rectally, so I bought this a couple of months ago and have LOVED having it! Taking her temperature in the night while she sleeps, or simply taking her temperature in general, is soooo much easier and she doesn't mind it one bit. I know it will just make my life easier with a newborn as well. 

Of course there are several more things that I am going to buy for this little guy, so I will update you all as I find things that I love. :) I am always thrilled when moms share things that work for them, so I am happy to share what I love in hopes of helping out. :) 


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