Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving Fun

We had a lot of fun in Vernal over Thanksgiving! We spent time with family, ate yummy food, enjoyed the mountains, relaxed, and just felt so grateful! It was hard to come back home but we are so glad that we were able to go and make so many fun memories.

I did The Gobbler 5K in Vernal on Thanksgiving morning and it was a lot of fun. It was super cold though, so I was very grateful to get back in our warm car when I was done. 
Rosalie and Chanse met me at the finish line and it was the best thing ever!
We went over to my Mom and Dad's house for our first Thanksgiving meal at around noon and it was delicious! Rose had fun playing with Auntie Courtney. 
The whole fam! I feel so blessed to call these people my family! :) 
Rose was enjoying the cream cheese inside of her celery stick. ;) 
My gorgeous mom and sister with Rosalie and me
Rose took a nice long nap after Thanksgiving dinner. :)  I probably should've joined her but my body doesn't know how to nap ha. 
When Rose woke up she was ready to play!
We enjoyed our second Thanksgiving meal with Chanse's family at dinner time!
The next day my sweet dad changed the oil in my car, and Rosalie loved helping him! My mom took this picture, and I can't go over how perfect her smile is and her little clenched fists. 
On Saturday morning we headed up to the Book Cliffs to get Christmas trees for Chanse's family, and Rose watched Frozen on the way up. She really gets into her movies ha!
Me and My sweetheart
She loved her Flash glasses
I love my sweet little growing family!
She seriously couldn't get enough of the snow! She got so mad when I would pick her up.
Her little cheeks were getting so cold.
After we got back from getting Christmas trees, we went to Boot Barn so Chanse could shop. Rose tried on some hats, and of course ended up getting yet another Christmas present. That girl is so spoiled! We also went to see The Good Dinosaur but I don't have any pictures. :( Rose loved it and did so good in the movie theater! :)
Rose had so much fun playing ninja turtles with her cousins!
We loved our trip, and can't wait to head back for Christmas!


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  1. Looks like you had a great holiday! Such cute pics playing in the snow.


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