Monday, December 21, 2015

Lots Of Pictures Of Sweet Rosalie

In our house things pretty much revolve around Rosalie so it only seems fitting that 99.9% of the pictures that I take are of her. 
 This was her first time on Santa's lap and she wasn't sure what to think at first. She cheered right up after Santa pulled out a candy cane though. :)

 Hanging out with Uncle Tyler.
 Hanging out in her toy box. She just jumps right in sometimes and it is so cute.
Apparently I really like taking selfies of Rosalie and I while she is sleeping haha!
 We went to Temple Square with some friends and had a great time! Rosalie loved the lights but was zonked out before we were done. It was late and the poor girl was SO tired.
Cutest girl ever! 
She is my snuggle buddy and I hope that never changes. :) 
The other night Chanse was watching Rosalie for a little bit and he sent me this picture at about 5:30 asking me if he should wake her up. I told him to get her in her jammies and change her diaper and that if she slept through that, then she could just sleep...
He sent me this picture next ha! She slept right through it all, and took a nice 1 hour evening nap. Needless to say she stayed up pretty late this night.
 My mom and I were shopping at Walmart and my mom thought it would be fun to put Rosalie on the little carousel that they had. Rosalie LOVED it! She talked about getting back on the "horsies" the enter time we shopped. I LOVE her smile in this picture. :)
We were getting ready to go outside to play in the snow the other night and Rosalie was SO excited!
 Just hanging out and watching T.V. :) Nana got her this hat the other day and she loves it!
 I snapped these the other day when Rose was playing with her toys and she was making the cutest little faces!
This little girl brings me so much happiness and I am so grateful that she is mine. :) I can't wait for this Christmas because I know she is going to LOVE it!


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