Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Corn Maze Fun!

We took Rosalie to the Provo Corn Maze this last week for Family Home Evening, and if you can't tell by the pictures, she LOVED it! Chanse and I kept saying that this was the best day of her life because she just went from one fun activity to the next and squealed with delight the entire time. She loved playing in the corn, working her way through the kid's corn maze, playing in the pumpkin patch, climbing on the bales of hay, and riding the tractor. I think her favorite was the corn though because she would pretend like she was swimming in it. We really had SO much fun, and I loved going to more of a "country-ish" location in Provo. Chanse and I both agreed that it felt a little like home, rather than the busy city we are so used to. We are so excited to take Rosalie trick or treating this year, and I think she is going to be the cutest Princess Sofia out there. :) 


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