Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rosalie's 18 Month Update

My Outfit: top, jeans (old) similar, shoes
Rosalie's Outfit: romper (old) similar, shoes
Her little tear just breaks my heart :(
Now that Rosalie is 19 months old, I figured it was high time that I did her 18 month update. The fact that I am even writing this is shocking to me. Every single mom says it, but the time really does fly by. I feel so grateful for what this little girl has taught me, and for the amazing person that she is. She has so much love in her sweet little heart, and she is so social and happy!

Head: 18 inches, 32nd percentile
Weight: 19.58 lbs, 10th percentile
Length: 30.7 inches, 12th percentile
She is a petite little thing :)

She is a wonderful eater and tries all sorts of different foods. She almost always has a good appetite, which I am so grateful for. She now sleeps in her own room, and sleeps through the night most of the time. She loves going to nursery on Sundays and making new friends. She is obsessed with Princess Sophia and Tinker Bell, and will sit and watch them happily. I think she loves them so much because of the music. :) I love how happy she is when she wakes up in the mornings, and how she starts jabbering right away. She is so smart and can say so many words. She is great with animal sounds as well. She is still a mommy's girl, but loves people in general. Bath time is one of her favorites because she gets to play with all of her toys. She means the world to me and her daddy, and we are so incredibly blessed to have her!


  1. Too cute!!!!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  2. look at that red hair. What a cutie :)

  3. Wow, she and Emma are about the same size!!! What a cute little girl :)


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