Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Favorite Hair Care Products

When it comes to hair care products, I like to find ones that are affordable and work well for me. While I splurge every now and then on a product that I really want to try, most of the time I use reasonably priced products that help my hair to stay strong and moisturized. 

I really like this shampoo because it doesn't have all of the harsh ingredients in it that most shampoos do. For this reason, it doesn't lather really at all, so you have to use your hands more to get it spread throughout your hair. For the most part I try to focus on my roots when I am applying shampoo because I don't want to dry out the rest of my hair, and this works great. I also really like the conditioner because I can use a small amount and it leaves my hair feeling super soft and it is easy to brush out. Having hair that is easy to brush out after showering is super important for me because so many conditioners leave my hair tangled and it is a complete nightmare to brush. 

I like to use this every 3 washes or so to help give my hair some added moisture. I spread it in my hair, focusing mainly on the mid and end sections, and then I leave it in for 3-5 minutes while I wash my face, body, etc. It is super quick, and it helps to keep the end of my hair more moisturized.

If you can't tell, I really like products that add moisture to my hair. I use this oil in my hair as soon a I get out of the shower, and I use it for the mid section and the ends of my hair. I do not put it on my roots at all because they are super greasy on their own, and this oil just makes them greasy faster. It does a great job of moisturizing my ends though and it helps to reduce dryness and split ends. 

I like to use this mainly because it makes my hair easier to brush out. Once again I focus on the ends of my hair, and only spray a small amount. I don't use this each time I wash my hair, but I do if I know that I am going to be blow drying my hair. I also use this heat protectant if I am blow drying my hair.

I have used this off and on when my hair is feeling especially damaged, and it really just helps to strengthen it and leave it feeling more healthy. Plus it smells uh-mazing!

I really like the moisture replenish Infusium because it once again adds more moisture to my hair. The weird thing about my hair is that my roots are super greasy, but my ends are super dry. This really helps with those dry ends. 

I hope this helps!



  1. I tried Loreal oil before and loved it. Nice post.

  2. I need to try these!! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I always love to experience other's favorite hair products as I am always testing new ones


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