Saturday, August 8, 2015

Our Adventures As Of Late

I realized that I have tons of random photos from over the past couple of months that I wanted to share. Most of them are of Rosalie of course, which is just how it should be ;)

This girl is all about her pool and pretty much water of any kind :)
She gives the best hugs!
I love how much he loves her :)

That wig though!!! She loved it!
I will never get tired of looking at her beautiful blue eyes :)
She kept trying to fall asleep like this so I had to snap a picture :)
This was the night (well I guess early morning) that Jax was born. Being his aunt is so fun! Rose wasn't quite sure what to think in this picture hehe
She warmed up quite quickly though and all she wanted to do was smile and kiss him over and over and over!
Speaking of kisses, she truly gives the best!
Love snuggling this cute little man before bed :)
She was so excited to lay by baby Jax!
I love my little family :)
Best Buddies
This coat was on major clearance at The Children's Place so of course Rose had to have it ;)
More pool time, and get a load of her cute pigtails. She looks so big to me with them in :)
Rose fell asleep in my arms a little while back, and I was in pure Heaven. I couldn't help but kiss her over and over again.
Chanse bought Rosalie this cute outfit, so we had to have a little photoshoot in it and send pictures to Daddy :)
This little baby doll in Rose's hand was my mom's when she little. My mom gave it to Rose to play with, and she wouldn't let it go even after she fell asleep. It was so cute!
Park Day! Rose loves the park too!
She is getting so speedy!
My Dad took Rosalie for a ride around the parking lot in his tractor and she LOVED it! She has her Papa (and everyone else for that matter) wrapped around her tiny finger. 
Rosalie loves the splash park too! Obviously water + Rose = pure joy!
She pulls off my sunnies much better than I do ;)
This was taken on our 3 Year Wedding Anniversary. Love this man!
My sister and I had so much fun going to Katelynn's baby shower. It was seriously one of the funnest showers I have ever been to. So many awesome games! She is going to be the best mom!
Just playing in the dirt :)
This has never happened before, but the other day Rosalie fell asleep in her high chair. She must've been exhausted for this to happen haha! Oh and those are black beans on her tray and she loves them!

See told you most of them were of Rosalie ;)

Have a wonderful weekend! Chanse and I are currently enjoying our little Anniversary Trip because I scheduled this post before we left :)


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  1. I LOVE THESE!! maybe because I made it into the cluster...or maybe because there are several of little Jax man...but I love these random picture posts that you do, even though I get to see all of them before ;D LOVE YOU!


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