Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chanse's BYU Graduation Day Two

The second day of graduation is more personalized because the students meet in their own colleges, and they get to receive their diploma. Chanse is in the Computer and Mathematical Sciences College for Geology, and it was really awesome watching him walk up and receive his diploma! He has worked so incredibly hard, and I love that he truly loves Geology and gets so excited about it. It makes me feel really good about our future. :)
 Rosalie's favorite things to do is kiss her cousin Jax over and over again :)
So proud of my BYU grad!!!
Because I love him and love mushy pictures like this ;)
The whole crew
Despite her face, she did enjoy this :)
Chanse with his dad and mom
Rose's cousin Daysen loves her so much! It is so precious!
We kept trying to get a smile out of her during pictures and this is the best that we could get. It is so fun to watch how much attention she gets when family is around because everyone just looooooves her!
After this part of graduation was over, we went to Slab Pizza in Provo to eat lunch and it was delicious. I have been a few times before, and always love it! It is Chanse's favorite, so naturally we needed to eat there since it was his big day ;) Seriously though, if you are ever in Provo, try it out! It really was such a fun weekend, and it made me realize just how blessed I am!



  1. I love your outfit! You look beautiful!

    Xoxo, Amy


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