Monday, March 30, 2015

Rosalie, Rosalie, and More Rosalie

I have so many pictures of my sweet baby girl that I just randomly take
 because she is basically our whole world. I always find myself reaching for my cellphone or my Nikon because I want to capture that moment forever. 
Oh but before I dive into all of these fun pictures I wanted to tell you to go watch this amazing Easter video called Because He Lives, and the General Women's Session of LDS General Conference. Both are wonderful and definitely worth your time to watch :)
And now onto pictures of my sweet Rosebud....
Rosalie started crawling! AH! She crawled for the first time during Sunday School, and I was so excited! I kept gasping and smiling, and I even explained to our class why I was so excited haha! It has been a long time coming, so it was quite the moment!
My little fashionista! Upside down glasses, Christmas jammies, and my socks that go clear up her little legs ;)
Enjoying some sunshine and the perfect weather here in Provo
Story time with Papa! I posted this on my Instagram
We have been teaching Rosalie where her eyes, nose, and mouth are, and she is loving it. She is really good at finding her eyes. I will say to her, "Where are your eyes?", and she will either touch my eye, or point at her own eye and say "eye". She is so smart! I have to give Chanse the most credit for this though because he has been working with her on it quite a bit :)
She has mastered the duck lips already! Oh boy are we in trouble ;) 
I took Rosalie outside to play in the grass, and she had a great time trying to eat anything and everything that she possibly could. She ended up thinking it was a game, and would put stuff in her mouth as fast as she could when I would tell her no. Oh the joys of a one year old.... 
Now please ignore my scary face, but look at how cute Rosalie looks. This is her "excited" face:)
She had to borrow Papa's glasses because we forgot hers. Get a load of that hair!
Piggyback rides
Transfixed by Tinkerbell while eating lunch :)
Snacking on her jacket 
Snuggle time. She woke up from her nap early and was still super tired, so I enjoyed her snuggles for a bit
Award winning smile :)
Oh how I love this little girl!
She fell asleep on me one day while we were both feeling sick, and I loved it! I will ALWAYS treasure these snuggles :)

Have a wonderful Monday!


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