Monday, March 9, 2015

Enduring Well

Lately I have been feeling super impatient with life, and I have been experiencing some trials that have been getting me down. I know that many of us go through this, but sometimes it is hard to be patient and positive in the midst of these things. Yesterday a friend of mine shared a quote when we were visiting teaching that I felt was meant just for me. I have heard before, but it really hit home this time.
This really hit home to me, and reminded me of just how blessed I am. While life will never be easy, I need to work hard to see the blessings in my life right now and enjoy the moment that I am in right now. I wanted to share this quote just in case anyone else was feeling like me, and needed this little reminder. :)

Have a wonderful Monday! Oh and if any of you know my amazing sister Courtney, be sure to tell her Happy Birthday!
Love you sis! Happy Birthday! Thanks for being the best sister I could ask for! I hope it is amazing :)



  1. Thanks for sharing Rachel. I needed this today!

  2. Ughhh why is Elder Uchtdorf so brutally honest sometimes?! Haha this definitely harder than it sounds. Love the reminder

    1. Yes it really is! Something I am constantly working on!

  3. I love that quote- it's new to me and absolutely what I needed to hear today. Such a great reminder, thank you for sharing!

    - A Peachy Sonder

  4. Awesome words of wisdom! This reminder is much appreciated!
    An Unblurred Lady


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