Monday, February 9, 2015

Rosalie's One Year Update

Rosebud had her big one year old checkup this last week, so I thought I had better do her one year update. :)
Rosalie's Stats:
Weight: 17.72 pounds- 18.6%
Length: 28.1 inches- 14.7%
Head: 17 inches- 10.29%

She is a petite little thing!
Her "teefies" AKA teeth
She now has 3 teeth! Two on the top and one on the bottom! She is also getting two more in on the top, and I think another bottom tooth will be coming in soon as well. To be completely honest, teething has been hard. Poor Rosalie seems be sick every single time a tooth comes in, so it makes it that much worse :( She doesn't sleep really good when they are coming in either, but I can't say I blame her! Her teeth sure make her look super cute though! ;)
What she likes to eat
Rosalie is slowly outgrowing her baby food. She will still eat some of the fruits like apple sauce, prunes (yep she loves them), and bananas, but she absolutely hates any and all baby food veggies, even the ones she used to love. I try to feed her a little bit of everything now, but I have to give her super small pieces because I swear she chokes on everything. She loves yogurt, string cheese, baby cheese puffs, most breads, and pretty much any fruit. She also tried avocado, small pieces of lunch meat, and tomato sauce recently, and she seems to really like those as well. She is slowly getting used to the flavor of milk and she likes drinking both milk and water from her sippy cups. Even if she does spit most of it out ha! I am still nursing her as well. 
Her personality
She is 100% diva. Chanse and I have called her this ever since she started getting her little personality, and it is spot on! She knows she is the boss, and she likes to act like it ;) She has mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger! She is also the sweetest little thing ever, and I love waking up to her talking to herself and smiling at me in the mornings. She has the best smile in the world with those two front teeth, and she loves to wave and talk to everyone that she meets! 
She loves her "dada" and she always opens her mouth super big when she sees him and then she starts to smile. She loves when he sings to her during her baths, runs back and forth with her in his arms, dips her upside down, and plays music for her on his phone and dances with her. 
When she is with me she loves reading books, going for walks in her stroller (thank you crazy warm February!), playing with my phone (the kid is technology obsessed), dancing, watching movies, nursing, and snuggling in bed before bedtime. 
I bought her a toothbrush and fluoride free toothpaste for babies, and she LOVES to brush her teeth!
Bath Time
She loves her baths! If you give her toys to play with then she is so happy, and she just wants to sit and play :)
She is getting so much hair, and I am having a little bit too much fun with all of it! I have waited so long to have a little girl with hair long enough to play with :)
Her mobility
She is slowly but surely making progress in this area, but is definitely taking her sweet time. She just barely decided about 3 weeks ago that she wanted to be more mobile, so she has been working on trying to crawl. She isn't there yet, but is learning to scoot backwards, and she loves to roll all over the place. She also loves following me all over the house in her little walker, so it will be interesting to see what it is like when she can actually walk and crawl :) Everyone says to enjoy it while she is less mobile, and I am sure they are right. But she is old enough now to where when I leave the room, she screams and screams because she wants to follow me and can't, so I will be happy for her sake when she starts being able to follow me :)
She also graduated to a "big girl" carseat. Chanse calls it her throne and I don't think there could be a more perfect word for it! She looks so dang cute sitting in it, and I love looking back in my review mirror and seeing that she has put her cute little sunglasses on :)
I cannot believe that she is already a year old! I just want time to slow down! We sure love our little redhead, and we couldn't imagine life without her!

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