Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone!! 
I am linking up with ClareHeather, and Katie as usual to share my Friday Favorites :)

1. Downton Abbey
I am all caught up on Season 5 so far, and I am loving it! I feel like I was definitely born in the wrong  era, because I was meant to live during their time! ;)

2. The Heat Wave In Provo
^^The poor thing had the sun in her eyes
Oh how I love the Provo Temple and those beautiful mountains!!

It has been in the 50s and 60s in Provo lately, and I absolutely love it! Rosalie and I were able to go on a walk yesterday, and I actually got hot wearing a super light sweater. I love being able to take Rosalie outside during the winter, rather than being cooped up. I know the heat won't last forever, but for now we are just going to enjoy it!

3. The Fact That Rosalie Now Says "Hi" All The Time!
She has been waving for several months now whenever we say hi to her, but she just barely started saying hi to us within the last couple of weeks. It is the cutest thing ever and I need to catch it on film! :)

4. DP Cheesesteaks In Provo
(This isn't my picture, but this is the sandwich I ordered. Click on picture for source)
So Chanse and I finally tried out DP Cheesesteaks earlier this week, and we loved it! I got the hot pepper steak sandwich, and it was super good! FYI: I like my food spicy ;) Next time I am going to try the garlic one!

5. My New Hair
 My sweet friend Haley did my hair for me last Saturday, and I love it! She put some much needed blonde highlights in my hair, and gave me a trim :) This picture makes it look a bit shorter than it is because you can't see my longest layers, but she did an awesome job! Thank you Haley!!


*What are some of your Friday Favorites?!

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