Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thinking Out Loud #1

I thought that it would be fun to link up with Amanda today to Think Out Loud. I got the idea from Ashley! Thanks girl!

1. I have no patience
I feel like I have always known this about myself, but lately some things in my life have made this even more obvious to me. For one thing I am so impatient about waiting to hear where we are going to grad school. The due date for all of Chanse's applications just barely passed, and I am already complaining about how long it is taking. I definitely think the Lord is giving me a lesson in patience right now, so I will just keep re-reading this quote until I feel better ;)

2. I am thinking about signing up for another half marathon
Keyword "thinking". I would love to do one, but I am just trying to figure out a training plan that would work around all that we have going on. We will see if it actually pans out, but I do think it would be a lot of fun training for something again :)

3. I can't believe my kid is almost one

How on earth is Rosalie so old?! She will forever be my baby, and I don't like this whole growing up business. I swear I was just in the hospital yesterday having her. She made me a mom for the first time and completely changed my life for the better! I am just so grateful that I have her in my life! I could go on and on and on about how great she is, because seriously she is the best. I must love her because as I am typing this she is screaming at me through the monitor haha! I just put her to bed, and she woke right up ;)

4. Am I the only one who can't stay asleep at night?
I don't know what my problem is but I seriously wake up ALL NIGHT LONG! I mean don't get me wrong, there have been several nights where Rosalie has woken up multiple times because of her teething, but I wake up even when she isn't waking me up. I don't drink caffeine, I always feel super tired when I go to bed, and my bed is super comfy, so I don't know what the issue is. Maybe it's my brain? Any tips on getting it to shut down at night?

5. I miss my outfit posts
I had so much fun doing outfit posts this last summer. Not because I am vain or because I think I have the best sense of fashion on the planet, but just because it was fun to take pictures in my new outfits, or just some of my favorite old outfits. I also loved including Rosalie because she looks cuter than I could ever dream of in every single one of her outfits. 

6. I'm counting down the days until summer
Rosalie is going to be more mobile this summer, so it should be super fun! I also love the idea of going for walks/runs outside more, swimming, and just enjoying the warmth and sunshine. Who's with me?!


*What are some of your thoughts?


  1. What a cutie!! Love the headbands!! Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Hey! What a fun post idea, love your style! Just happened to stumble across your blog and love it!


  3. I loved this post, great idea! Your baby is so cute!
    xx Elle

    New outfit post up on: - Swedish Model and Fashion Blogger in TOKYO


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