Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rosalie's First Christmas

Hello Everyone!
I feel like I haven't blogged in eons, but I guess that is probably because I haven't.... I was super busy before Christmas, and then I went to Belize and didn't have internet for a few days. But, I am back now and ready to get all caught up. I am just going to start with Christmas and go from there. 

Poor Rosalie was incredibly sick the entire week and a half leading up to Christmas. She started teething, got a fever, a cold, and started throwing up all at the same time. I can honestly say that was the saddest/hardest part of being a mom so far. My heart broke, and all I wanted to do was take all of her pain away. We took her to the doctor multiple times and got her the medicine she needed, but the recovery process was slow and all she wanted to do was nurse and cuddle with mommy. Thankfully she started feeling better on Christmas Eve. She still threw up that night sadly, but it was mostly due to coughing instead of nausea. Having a sick baby is the worst thing in the world, and I never want her to be sick again :( On Christmas morning she seemed pretty happy though, and she loved opening all of her little presents. Okay, well technically I did most of the opening, but she did love playing with them. 

These pictures start a couple of days before Christmas
Poor baby girl just wanted to snuggle on mommy and sleep. While I loved her snuggles, I wanted her happy, bubbly self to return :(
*Edited to add that Rosalie is actually snuggling on Courtney in this picture and not me haha! Thanks Court ;)

Thankfully, she started to feel better, and I got to see more of this....

I got a great deal on Rosalie's PJs so I bought her two pair. She wore one on the 23rd and the other on the 24th.

 We do our gingerbread graham cracker houses each year on Christmas Eve and I always love doing them. Courtney and Brady are always the most creative, and their houses are awesome! Sadly, I don't have the pictures of the finished houses because they are on my dad's camera, but I will try to get them later and add them to this post if I remember :) Here is a picture of our set up though.
 My twins
 Here is a picture of my sweet baby opening her PJs. She loved the wrapping paper, and looked so cute in her second pair of new Christmas PJs!
 All ready for Santa to come....
Christmas morning!
 So you see how Rosalie is in a new outfit? Well that's because the poor girl threw up all over it and all over me. She got sick in the middle of the night so her sweet daddy watched her while I took a shower. We changed her into a different outfit, and made sure she was comfortable before she went back to sleep. Oh and get a load of my sweet onesie! ;)
I loved this cute stocking that my mom got Rosebud, and all of the fun things that Santa brought her inside :)
 The highlight of my Christmas was helping Rosalie opening gifts and watching others open their gifts. 
 This Christmas made me realize how grateful I am to be a mom to this wonderful little girl, and how grateful I am for her health. I truly am so blessed!
 I surprised Chanse with a Stetson and he loved it!!! Doesn't he look so handsome?!
 My mom insisted that Rosalie needed a laptop of her own since she is always playing with mine ;)
 We had to drive back to Provo on Christmas Day in order to make our flight the following morning, so that was quite eventful. The weather was horrible, and we ended up running off the road in Provo Canyon. I am so glad that Chanse was driving because he was so calm when he hit black ice. I would'v probably rolled us! We were able to get back on the road with the help of several kind people, and we all made it home in one piece. 

This picture was taken at about 4 in the morning before we headed to the airport.
At the airport just waiting for our flight :)
I will post about our trip to Belize next :)



  1. Awe, so sad that she was ill! Glad to see she recovered well.
    Hope the New Year brings blessings and joy to you and yours!


  2. Ahhhh I can't wait to see all of your Belize pictures!!! Hurry up!!;) Haha Rose is just such a cute baby girl! So glad that her first Christmas was amazing!

  3. So sorry about Rosebud being sick, but glad she is better. Still a sweetheart, sick or not.

  4. Oh my goodness, she is just too cute for words!!! Her little poney tail just kills me! This was my baby girl's first Christmas too, and it really makes the holidays that much more special!

  5. How fun that you went to Belize!! I'm sure you had a great time :) Also obsessed with your daughters cute little stocking! <3

    - StyledByBlondie.com


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