Friday, January 9, 2015

Belize Trip Part 1

Our trip to Belize started super early on the morning of the 26th. We woke up at 3:30 am and made sure everything that we needed was packed and ready to go. I got Rosalie up soon after, and made sure that she was all ready to go. One of our friends was kind enough to show up to our house at 4:30 to drive us to the airport, and we were so grateful!
 Rosalie did surprisingly well on all of the plane rides, and I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I was. I just nursed her during take off, and that really seemed to help her little ears. We were taking some pictures before we took off on our first flight, and Rosalie was giving me kisses :)

 For the majority of the first flight Rosalie was doing this :)
 As you can see, Chanse was pretty excited about the trip :)
 I think I took this picture on the second flight. She was still in a good mood, and only cried for a couple minutes here and there :)
We were met with a heavy blanket of humidity when we landed in Belize, and I quickly removed Rosalie's pajamas. We got through customs fairly quickly because we had Rosalie, and then we went to find Chanse's mom and dad. They met us as soon as we walked out, and Rosalie was finally able to see them for the first time :)

Annette does a wonderful job of taking pictures, so almost all of the pictures from here on out are from her. I am so grateful that she took so many! Thank you Annette!!
Another senior missionary couple quickly drove us, with Kim and Annette, to the water taxi that we would be taking to Cay Caulker Island. We were grateful to make it before the last water taxi left! Rosalie wasn't quite sure how to handle the humidity and was a little bit fussy, but Annette gave Rosalie her cell phone to play with and saved the day :)
Smiling at Grandma
We met Andi and Tyler at the place we were staying called "Sea Dreams", and they were thrilled to see Rosalie as well :) Grandma and Grandpa spoiled us all with some wonderful gifts, and Rosalie loved her new hats, dolls, and clothes. 
Annette took this picture on Saturday morning, and I thought it was beautiful :)
We were able to eat breakfast on the roof every morning, and they served great meals! On this particular morning it was an omelet and fruit. Rosalie loved the watermelon!

She was just barely getting her two front teeth at this point, so she wanted to chew on everything! Poor girl got two at once, so I am sure it hurt pretty bad!
I love her cute little hat that her grandparents gave her!
Rosalie, Me, Andi, and Annette (taking picture) chilled on the dock while the boys fished :)
The boys came back around 11, and then Kim, Annette, Andi, and Tyler went back out to fish. The fishing boats weren't really baby friendly, so Chanse, Rose, and I stayed on the island and explored for a bit. Rosalie liked walking around, and it was fun to see all of the shops and restaurants. 

 I thought this Spongebob figure was pretty sweet.
 We decided to get in the water later on that day, and while Rosalie wasn't the biggest fan of the water, she did like when I carried her around.
 She was pretty dramatic on this trip ha. I am blaming it on the teeth and the fact that she was getting over being sick.
 case and point...
On Sunday morning we took the water taxi to San Ignacio to go to church. 

It was really neat going to church in San Ignacio, and I enjoyed listening to one of the missionaries give his talk in English, and then translate it to Spanish. I thought it was pretty awesome! Rosalie really liked the natives with darker skin. It was pretty awesome! 
Group picture with the missionaries who are serving in the area :) Kim and Annette knew them well.
We took the missionaries to eat after church and I enjoyed trying some new foods. I got chicken tacos and they were very good. Sorry I forgot a picture!

We got back to the Island at about 5, and just relaxed on the deck for the evening. Seriously so pretty!
On Monday morning we got up bright and early to go snorkeling. I was a bit nervous to take Rosalie on the boat, but was happy to find out that it was larger than expected with a sitting area down below. It was also a sail boat so it went nice and slow :)
I lathered Rosalie up with sunscreen and did my best to keep her nice and cool in the shade. She did pretty well :)
Annette watched Rosalie while I went snorkeling at the first stop and I was very grateful.
All ready to go :) It was seriously so amazing seeing all of the fish, plants, eels, and sea turtles. The water was so perfectly clear, and it totally seems like a different world under there.
The second stop for snorkeling involved nurse sharks and stingrays. I stayed in the boat to take care of Rosalie for this one, but it was still awesome to watch from the surface. Chanse got in and loved touching the nurse sharks and the stingrays though!

On Tuesday was just hung out on the beach and relaxed. Chanse got sick, so I spent most of the day inside with him, but later in the day I took Rosalie out to the water in her cute swimsuit :) She still wasn't a fan of the water, but I tried ha!

We sat on the dock and watched Grandma, Grandpa, and Andi swim :)
This place was seriously 30 seconds outside of our door, and we spent a lot of time sitting and talking here. So fun!
So this fish was the coolest thing ever. It is called a bat fish and we just saw it chilling right in the shallow water. Tyler thought it was dead because some kids had speared one a couple of nights before, but this was another one and was alive! Chanse saw its gills breathing (or whatever you would call it ha), and Andi caught it. We looked at it for a little bit before returning it to the water. It had legs underneath, and these cool red lips. 
So since I have so many pictures I decided to split this post in half. I will post the second part of our trip soon :)


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  1. Hi dear, I just stumbled to your blog.
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    Happy weekend.

  2. What an amazing trip! The ocean is just too beautiful. I'm glad you guys at such a good time!

  3. What a beautiful family! Hope you had a lovely vacay full of memories!

    xo | The Fashion Forecast

  4. The trip was captured well!! We are so blessed to have an amazing family!!! Love you all!!!


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