Friday, January 23, 2015

5 Friday Favorites

It has been too long since I have linked up for 5 Friday Favorites, so I am excited to link up with  ClareHeather, and Katie again! :) 

1. Rosalie's Two Front Teeth
They are pretty much the cutest things that I have ever seen, and even though she was a holy terror when they were coming in, I am so glad that she finally has some teeth :) She is even getting a third one now!

2. Early Morning Runs On My Treadmill
I absolutely love getting up in the mornings and running first thing! Rosalie is happier playing in her crib, I don't have as many stomach issues, and I have more energy to take on my day! They aren't super long runs, but I am just grateful to be able to run at all :) Plus watching Once Upon A Time episodes isn't too shabby either ;)

3. Rosalie's Hair
Sorry I know I already have a favorite based on Rosalie, but she is my life, what do you expect? ;) I love that her hair is long enough to put in a little pony tail! She looks so grown up with it in!

4. My Fabletics Leggings
They are so comfortable, so breathable, and they stay up great when I am running :) I need more!! I know they are kind of dark in the picture, but it was early in the morning and the lighting was bad :( That also explains my puffy eyes ;)

5. The Warmer Weather
We were able to take Rosalie on walk outside a few days ago, and it was so nice! I like being able to go outside during the winter in Utah, and not feel like my face is going to freeze off! It definitely gives me spring fever big time though!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


*What are you Friday favorites?


  1. ahhhhh I LOVE everything on this list. Yes to warmer weather. Baby teeth and pony tails are the cutest. And OMG aren't Fabletics leggings the best? Happy Friday and thanks for linking up!!

    1. Yes I LOVE their leggings!! Thank you for stopping by :)

  2. She is so cute! Love the pony tail and the little baby teeth!

  3. I love Fabletics leggings. They are definitely the best!

  4. My son has 6 teeth at 10 months, it's crazy!! Hers are so precious!

  5. She looks like a perfect doll in that stroller cute!
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