Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Break With Random Pictures

Thanksgiving break was awesome, and was much too short. We enjoyed some good food and family, and it was nice for Chanse to get a bit of a break from school. We braved Black Friday (which is now on Thursday, so it should be renamed), and had a lot of fun. Chanse is such a trooper for going, and he always has a great attitude about it :) While I didn't do the best job in the world at taking pictures, I was sure to get about a billion of Rosalie. My Dad also has some more pictures from our actual Thanksgiving day and meal on his camera, but I won't be back home until Christmas, so I may just add them into this post later :)

 Out for a little stroll before we left Provo for Thanksgiving Break 
 Rosalie just hanging out with her best bud Nana
Rosebud was being cute in the car one day when we were running errands
I love the little face!
Auntie Courtney sent me this cute picture of Rosalie while she was playing with her :)
 My sweet hubby and me
How Rosalie looks in about 80% of her pictures now-a-days
 The fam
I took Collin to the eye doctor and he took great care of Rosalie :)
 Recycling those Halloween jammies ;)
 Helping us cook Thanksgiving dinner
 Enjoying her first celery with cream cheese
 Post-nap hair! I love her little fly-aways!
 Don't mind my dark circles. Rosebud was anti-sleep in Vernal
 We helped Nana set up the Christmas tree :)
 Sunday Best!
 These are from yesterday while I was working out. It is hit or miss when I put her in her crib to play, but yesterday she did pretty good :)
I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend and did a better job of taking pictures than me ;)! I can't wait until Christmas!!! 


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