Friday, December 12, 2014

Liebster Award

Jessica from Being Mrs. Kirk nominated me for the Liebster Award a while back, and I am finally posting it! I have been nominated for this a few times now, so I figured it was high time that I actually did it :) I am not super familiar with how it works though, so I will try to do my best to answer the questions and see how it goes.

What inspires you to blog?

I blog more than anything because I feel like I need a creative outlet! I have so many different interests, and sometimes I feel like they get all jumbled together on my blog, but I guess that's okay because it is my blog after all right? I have done fashion posts (which I love), posts on Rosalie (which I love even more), exercise posts (yet another thing I love), and whatever else comes into my mind (recipes, personal thoughts, being a mom, etc.)  

Who is your hero? 

Hands down my mom. She is such an amazing example to me! She was an amazing mom to me growing up, and gave me everything that I needed and more. She is always willing to listen to me, and she understands me like no one else. She is also an amazing example of hard work, and has taught me so much about how to serve others. She is a wonderful Nana to Rosalie, and her advice to me on being a mom has been priceless.

What is one of your talents? 

I am always that person who says "I have no talents". Yes, yes I know this is terrible, but I feel like society excepts me to have a talent for all to see, like singing or playing an instrument. However, those aren't my talents. I feel like I am a good listener, a good cook (when I cook), I'm good at organizing and planning things, and I feel like I am pretty good with kids. I also enjoy writing, and my husband tells me that I am a good writer :)

**Oops just re-read the question and saw that it said ONE talent..... oh well..... ;)

What do you love about the Holidays? 

Where do I begin! I love spending time with family! I love the Spirit that everyone has, and how kind and loving everyone is. I enjoy getting gifts for people, and seeing the looks of genuine happiness on their faces when they open them. I love that it brings me closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ, and helps me to remember just what he did for me and how grateful I am for him. I also love the warm fires, the cozy pajamas, and, for this year especially, the magic and joy that children bring to Christmas. 

Favorite piece of advice you've ever gotten?

When I hear this I think of all of the advice that I got before Rosalie was born. I was overwhelmed with advice and was told that I had to do this and had to do that. During this time, someone told me "to do what worked for me, and take all of the other advice as guidance". I really appreciated this advice, and I keep it in mind a lot when I am parenting, and trying to do what is best for Rosalie :)

 If I had to sum you up in four words by looking at your Pinterest, what would those four words be? 

I love new recipes! :) (I hope I am answering this question correctly haha!)

What has been the proudest moment of your life this far? 

This one is easy! It was definitely when I gave birth to Rosalie :)

What's your favorite meal to cook & why? 

I love making Zuppa Toscana! Not because it is my favorite, but because Chanse raves about it for days whenever I make it and it makes me feel really good :)

How do you know Jess from Being Mrs Kirk, and what have you learned about her?

Jessica is from Vernal like me, and I found her blog via Facebook and love it! In the short time that I have been reading her blog, I feel like I have learned, or been reminded of, a lot of things that I need to do to have a successful and happy marriage :) She seriously has amazing advice and insights!!!

What's the best blog post you've written so far? (post the link!)

I wrote my birth story on my blog in two parts, and I will treasure those posts forever!
Birthday Story Part 1
Birth Story Part 2 

What are your top favorite t.v. shows?

I am on the 2nd season of Once Upon A Time right now and I absolutely love it!  

I nominate:
1. Courtney Peterson- Cort's Way of Life
2. Hailey Josephine- Hailey Josephine
3. Andrea Jacobs- Jacobs Family- The Habit of Being Happy
4. Crysta Haslem- Just The Beginning
5. Lisa Tuttle- Tuttle Along Ever so Lightly

*I was supposed to nominate blogs with under 200 followers, and some of you probably have more than that, but oh well, your blogs are still awesome and people should know about them :)

Your Questions:
1. What is a fun fact about you?
2. Why do you blog?
3. What makes you the happiest?
4. What word describes you the best?
5. What is your favorite blog post? (Link it!)
6. What is your favorite blog to read?
7. What is your idea of the perfect vacation?
8. How do you like to spend your free time?
9. What is your biggest accomplishment?
10. What is your favorite quote?

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  1. My biggest moment was giving a birth to my son.Very nice post.


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