Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwin' It Back

So ages ago I scanned all sorts of fun pictures on my old computer. That computer kicked the bucket, and I was super sad that I had lost all of those photos forever. I hadn't backed them up in anyway (which was stupid), and had spent who knows how many hours scanning picture after picture onto my computer. So a few months ago when I was really excited when I happened to get my old computer to actually turn on and load! I uploaded all of my favorite pictures and documents onto my Google drive, and I was so happy :). 

I was looking through all of the scanned picture a couple days ago, and here is a very small portion of them. They make me miss being little!

My sister Courtney and me. She loved me :)
Get a load of my chin! Rosalie definitely has my chin when I was a baby ;) (Yes that's a joke)

We were buddies :) 
Until she decided to choke me.....
My first birthday :)
That is whipped cream that we are eating, not to be confused with shaving cream. Just to clarify ;)
My dad's mustache was epic!

And then I decided to cut my hair off like a boy.... Chapstick anyone?
So while still sporting my extra stylish boy haircut, I did a bike riding fundraiser. I had a few people sponsor me and they quoted me a certain amount of money per lap. However, little did they know that I had no intentions of even considering getting off of my bike until the entire event was over. I don't remember exactly how many laps I completed or exactly how much money I was given, but I do remember feeling so tired, yet so accomplished when I was done. I also remember a look of shock on one particular man's face when my mom drove me to his house to collect the amount of money that he owed me for the fundraiser. I won a barbie for my efforts and of course I felt like a million bucks! ;)
Me, my cousin Ash, and Court
Courtney and I went on a camping trip with my dad, and we loved it! It was just the 3 of us, and we had a great time. My dad was "almost" struck by lightning (according to my memory), and we camped in a favorite spot of ours. 
We took these when visiting my Aunt Tammy in Texas.
My little brother Tyler had so much hair and it was so thick. I would kill for that hair today ha!
 The 3 of us partying again

We were all pretty proud of our fish. I have no words for Courtney's outfit..... 
 I remember this party well. We made pizzas and all my friends and the little boys (yes plural) that I liked came. We played games, and I got lots of gifts. And apparently (I honestly do not remember this at all!) I threw a fit when a little girl got a party bag with a bracelet in it and I didn't. How embarrassing! My poor mom had to explain why her child was throwing a fit, while I was really just tired. Oh the drama of a child...
Pre-melt down
I must've really wanted to model...
 This is when my little brother Collin was blessed. He was my BFF from day one, and I loved holding and helping taking care of that little guy more than just about anything!
I was really into ringlets....
This one isn't that old, maybe 7 or 8 years. I love Collin in this picture though. I still don't want him to grow up, too bad he is 15 already :(

So there ya have it. My little trip down memory lane. I have about 1000 more pictures, so I may do another one of these. Mostly for me ha, but feel free to enjoy them as well :)


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  1. What a fun trip down memory lane! I love looking at old photos and seeing how much I've changed. This is a great idea for a post :) Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog so check it out if you want to learn more!

  2. I love looking back at old pics! Its so fun to think back.. cute baby pics :)

  3. Hi Rachel! Well this is my first time visiting your blog and now I get to feel like I know you already. I love these pictures! You were so cute, and I was known to throw many'a'temper tantrum back in my day too. Happy Friday!


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