Friday, November 7, 2014

My Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone! 
How is it already Friday? Sometimes I have no idea where the time goes, and when I look back on the week, I have no clue what I did. I think it is part "mom brain" and partly because times goes by soooooo fast now-a-days! (or is it just me?!) Anyways, I have some of my Friday Favorites that I wanted to share with you so I am linking up with ClareHeather, and Katie again.

1. Rosalie Talking- This girl is talking up a storm lately, and I love it! She is saying mom, dad, hi (on occasion), and she waves when you say hi to her. She is also working on her "n" sound, and has said na a few times. My mom AKA "nana", is pretty thrilled about this. She says mom now when she is upset, so Chanse informs me that she relates my name to being upset ha! I refuse to believe this ;) 

Yes we are in Cafe Rio for this picture (see #3)

2. Netflix- I love that there are shows on Netflix that Rosalie likes, and shows that I love. I usually whip out my iPad and watch an episode of Parenthood or Once Upon A Time at night while I am in bed, and it is a great way for me to unwind before I got to sleep. 

3. Cafe Rio Salads- They are always my favorite, but I have really been loving them lately!

4. The Time Change- I know that most of you hate the time change, but I am all for it. I love having it light out earlier! Rosalie always likes to wake me up pretty darn early in the mornings, so having it be light outside an hour after we wake up, rather than 2 hours, is great! It helps me get my day started and I feel less sluggish. Also having it dark earlier doesn't bug me either because it reminds me that the holidays are approaching :) However, yes it is hard having a baby who doesn't understand daylight savings haha!

5. Leg Warmers- Boot weather is the best, and I love having leg warmers to wear under my boots. I only had a green pair of leg warmers, so I was really excited when I found these two pairs of leg warmers at Ross for super cheap!

Have a wonderful weekend!! 

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What are some of your favorites??


  1. cute leg warmers :) Did I get you leg warmers for Christmas one year? Maybe I got them for me...I'm not sure. I'm glad you have positive things to say about Daylight Savings because I hate it. I want it to be summer time & summer weather FOREVER! I love you & Rose & Chanse...& a little extra for Rose :) Love you!! Happy weekend! Can't wait to take your family pictures tomorrow!

  2. Thanks sis! Love you! We are excited to get our pictures taken :)

  3. Loving your Friday faves, I want that salad!


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