Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday, Friday, Friday Is My Favorite Day!

Wahoo! It's Friday! 
I am linking up with ClareHeather, and Katie to share some of my favorites this Friday :)

1. Christmas Decorations!
We are going to be traveling a bit for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I wanted to get our decorations up early this year. Plus last year I was so busy with finals and being 8 months pregnant that I never even got around to getting our decorations up! They look great, and I am already feeling the Christmas spirit :)

2. My Fabletics Gift Card
It isn't here just yet, but I won it from Annette's giveaway and I am so excited! I never win anything!

3. This Talk By Elder Holland
I love how he says," Jesus’s first and foremost messianic duty would be to bless the poor, including the poor in spirit." Since we are all Jesus's hands here on the Earth, we need to spend our time helping those around us who are in need. Not only during this part of the year, but always :) I am going to work on this! Read or watch the full talk here

4. My Heater
It is cold here, and I love, love, love being able to walk over to the heater and turn it on. This is the first place that we have lived that has a heating system, rather than just a gas fireplace, and I love it! Mostly because the last two places we lived had gas fireplaces that were broken half of the time, and I thought I was going to freeze.

5. Our Family Pictures

My sister did an amazing job and I can't get enough of them :) Here is her info if you would like her to take yours. 
Her Facebook Page: Courtography
Her Blog: Way of Life

Have an awesome weekend!!

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