Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Bunch of Pictures and a Few Words

I didn't do any type of weekend recap post on Monday (I know, I know you were all devastated), but I have some pictures from the weekend and from this week, so I thought I'd do a picture recap post. 

We made a short trip to Vernal for the weekend and my parents were beyond thrilled! They could've cared less to see Chanse and me (kidding mom!), and only wanted to see Rosalie :)
 I love my mom so much! We kind of look alike in this picture I think? :)
 Nana gave Rosalie her first sucker. As you can see, she thoroughly enjoyed it :)
Love this guy!

 Trying on some new bows...

 She was thrilled to have the pillow to play with
 She melts my heart... :)
 She looks like she needs to film her own exercise video #janefonda (yes I just wrote a hashtag on my blog) #isthatevenallowed

 We went to Cafe Rio on Monday as a family. Cafe Rio + Rosalie + Chanse = Perfection
 Her bow is bigger than her head
 That smile though :)
 Shopping at Dollar Tree for Some Christmas Decor
Our snazzy Christmas decorations :) I was going to add a cute filter to these photos to make them look really good, but let's face it, Rosalie just went to sleep and I'm tired ha!
 (Sorry about the leaves. They are tracked in every 2 seconds)

 We decorated the tree for family home evening on Monday night. I was very impressed when Chanse turned on Christmas music :)
 Visit From Auntie Courtney
 Eating her foot
 I just can't get her to keep her socks on...
 Snoozing perfectly :) 
 And another because I was being a creeper and kept taking pictures of her while she slept
 Enjoying Once Upon A Time during my run
 Rosalie's "play area" while I ran. She was one happy camper. Oh and side note: She slept until 8 on Wednesday morning! I don't even know who she is anymore! 
 Partying in her walker. She LOVES it!
One happy girl 
And now I am enjoying my diet, caffeine free Coke (or as Chanse says, an absolutely pointless pop because it is missing anything good), writing this post (I write my posts the night before usually), and watching Chanse play his video game. And you know what? I am enjoying myself because Rosalie is asleep for the night, and I can relax until our home teachers get here at 9. I hope you all have an awesome Thursday! I am going to be making a mini Thanksgiving meal for Chanse and me just for fun, so I will try to remember to take pictures :)


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