Monday, October 13, 2014

Why Does The Weekend Have To End?

So this weekend was definitely a good one for me and my little family, and I didn't want it to end! We were able to go to Vernal and attend our nephew's baptism, go to a little birthday party for my other nephew, go to a going away party for my sister-in-law, and we had a yard sale with my mom and sister. I had so much fun, and I loved seeing family! Whenever we go to Vernal I never want to leave, I just love it.

Rosalie's new favorite face. I ALWAYS sit in the backseat with her when someone else is driving. She loves it, and it makes my life easier as well. This girl is seriously so spoiled! ;)
Auntie Courtney loves her little niece, and Rose looks like she is pretty thrilled too
My mom and I took Rosalie to Wal-Mart, and she loved sitting in the cart. I started putting her in the cart about 2 weeks ago (after thoroughly washing it down with a wipe), and she loves it. She is more content in the store, and she likes that she can see everything around her. In this picture she was squealing her little head off. She loves to scream and talk!
I can't believe that my baby brother is a sophomore in high school! How did that even happen?! I sure love this kid :) He will always be my "baby" brother to me no matter how old he gets. 
I love watching this sweet little girl sleep. I have to resist waking her up sometimes because I want to snuggle her and give her kisses so bad!
I posted this pic on my Instagram, but seriously... this girl doesn't lack for anything! Love, toys, you name it!
I don't remember if I took this picture in the morning or at night, and I don't remember why I took it, but I do remember feeling really bad that the flash blinded poor Rosebud. Good thing she still loves me ;)
I don't think she was a fan of whatever Nana was feeding her ;)
She may look nothing like me, but she is definitely mine and I am so grateful! She is the best little girl that a mommy could ask for :)
Rosalie was bundled up nice and warm for the yard sale, and she looked so cute! She kept pulling her little hat over her eyes, and getting frustrated because she couldn't see. It was sad, but funny. The yard sale went really well, and I loved hanging out with my mom and my sister. 
My beautiful sis and I hanging out at the yard sale. 
I made this little photo collage to show how much Rosalie looks like her daddy. It is so crazy!! The next one better look like me ;)
I didn't take any pictures at Chase's baptism, but I did take some pictures afterwards. We celebrated Chase's baptism and Hudson's 2nd birthday, and we had a lot of fun :) Isn't he the cutest little guy you have ever seen?!
My dad was kind enough to change the oil in my car while I was there, and Rose and I loved getting outside and enjoy some fresh air. Aren't the leaves behind us amazing?! I absolutely love Fall!
My mom watched Rosalie for Chanse and I while we went up to see his family for a bit, and my sister Courtney sent me this snapchat. She really is a perfect human :) It melts me heart to see that she is surrounded by people who love and adore her so much!
I took a little photo shoot of Rose on our way home from Vernal on Sunday morning (way too early might I add), and she was being so cute. She does this new face where she will pucker her lips, and it is so funny!
She also loves to point now.
Yesterday I set up a little bit of Halloween decor and it was fun for me. I have hardly done any decorating at all since I've been married because school just kept me way too busy. But now that I am home more, I thought it would be fun to get festive ;)
Rose was very mad at me for not picking her up in this picture
Chanse sure loves his little girl :)
 Get a load of those chunky legs!!!  They melt me :)
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And here are a few more amazing quotes from General Conference that my sister Courtney created :)
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
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  1. These pictures are so adorable - I'm with you on wishing the weekend could last a little longer!

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