Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Update AKA: A Bunch of Pictures of Rosalie

This weekend was mostly spent just chillin' at home watching conference, or going to see family. I don't have a ton of pictures of anything other than Rose, but since she is the best person ever, I figured I should post them all :)

On Friday Chanse went and took a big test. It was long and tough, and he was pretty happy to see his baby girl once it was all over.
 I had to put Rosalie's new outfit on her that Nana got her. It was a bit big, but still very cute :) Rose is still pretty small and can wear some 3-6 month outfits. She is now 8 months old! Holy moly, where did the time go?!
 Chanse went and did Geology field work on Saturday, so Rose and I cuddled up and watched the LDS General Conference together.
 She didn't feel like looking at the camera for the picture so I took the opportunity to plant a big kiss on her :) This girl gets more kisses than any person I know.
 After the first session of conference we finally decided that it was time to get dressed for the day (well Rosalie at least ;)!). I put her baby leggings on her, and they looked so cute!!!
 Ah I love this little girl :)
 Chanse got home later in the evening, and we all cuddled up while he watched the Priesthood session of conference. As you can see we had a lot of conference and cuddling this weekend :)
On Sunday morning my sister invited us over to her house for breakfast, so we went over there for the first session of General Conference. Auntie Courtney gave Rosalie lots of loves.
 Then for the second session of conference on Sunday, Courtney and Brady came over to our house to watch. Rose was once again spoiled rotten with kisses and lots of attention. She even got to play with Courtney's iPhone, which is her favorite toy ever! Why is it that kids always gravitate to the phones and remote controls ha!?
That pretty much sums up our weekend, pretty chill, but just what we needed. Now I am off to take on another week! Happy Monday!


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  1. so cute love her big blue eyes

  2. She is precious! Conference was way good this year & my baby has that same monkey onsie ;) too funny
    stop by my blog sometime

  3. Ohmygoshhh look at her big blue eyes! What a beautiful baby!
    Glad you had a great weekend!
    xo ClassToCloset


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