Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween & 5 Friday Favorites

Happy Halloween Everyone! 
I am so excited to celebrate Rosalie's first Halloween! We are going to go to a Halloween party, and it will be so fun to dress up as a family. I hope that you all have a wonderful Halloween!! I am linking up with ClareHeather, and Katie again for my 5 Friday Favorites :)

1. This Quote:
I think that it is so important to really think about what you are saying when you say I love you. I found this quote on Pinterest, and it is actually a sign on Etsy! I want it so bad!

2. These Jammies!
I got them from Wal Mart for $5, and I think that they are so cute on Rosalie! She has been wearing them to bed all week because I want her to wear them as much as she can before Halloween comes ;)

3.  The Honest Company Conditioner
I talked about the The Honest Company shampoo here, and decided I had to try the conditioner! I love that it leaves my hair feeling super soft and with very little tangles. Since my hair is still damaged from my hair fiasco a couple years ago, I almost always have a bunch of tangles, so this is awesome for me! It also smells great, which I love! Who doesn't want hair that smells great?!

4. This Salad Dressing
When I was pregnant I became obsessed with ranch, but let's be honest, it isn't the best dressing for you. I found this yogurt ranch at Smiths a while back and it is a much healthier option, and really like it. Plus it is more mild on my stomach than regular ranch (my stomach is super sensitive).

5. I've been looking at this treadmill:

It is the Gold's Gym 420 Treadmill, and its specs sound pretty  

good, However, I don't know a ton about this treadmill so any 

information would be awesome! What treadmills do you 

recommend that aren't super pricey?

Have an awesome Halloween and be safe!

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*What are some of your Friday Favorites??


  1. i want an elliptical in my house! i swear i could get so much done on it, haha maybe one day when we're not in a tiny apartment!



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