Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why Our Baby Sleeps In Our Bedroom With Us

Rosalie is almost 8 months old, and she is still sleeping in the room with us. I thought that I would be ready to move her into her own room when she outgrew her bassinet, but I was wrong. A few weeks ago I realized that Rosalie was either going to need to start sleeping in her nursery in her crib, or I was going to need to find her another sleeping arrangement in our room. 
The more I thought about putting her in her own room, the more nervous and sick to my stomach I got. I began to realize the even if Rosalie was ready to go into her own room, I was definitely not ready to put her there. I love having her close to me at night, and knowing that everything is okay. I like just sitting up in bed to nurse her in the middle of the night or change her diaper. I also love watching her wake up and smile at me in the morning. 

Chanse understands where I am coming from, and we decided that we are just going to keep her in our room for a while longer. She now sleeps in her playpen next to our bed, and I feel so good about this. She gets her own little space next to our bed and she is safe, but she is still right by me. I know that this option isn't for everyone, but this is what works best for me and Chanse. 

So basically Rosalie sleeps with us because:

  • I know she is safe and content
  • I sleep better
  • It makes nursing easier
  • She sleeps well in our room
  • And most importantly...it just feels right!


*Moms out there: What are your thoughts? What works best for YOU?

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  1. She is SO CUTE!!!! We co-slept with a crib insert in our king sized bed till my son was 5 months old. We've slowly transitioned him to his crib. He's cut two teeth in the past 4 days so I let him come snuggle in the bed with me really early in the morning. They are only this little for so long!

  2. Everyone has their own comfort level and I think it's great that you are confident in yours!

    Heidi D.

  3. She is so adorable!!

    I had L in our room until she was 2.5 months, and then I was totally okay with her being in her own room & crib. But everyone's gotta do what feels best & right for them! there is definitely no right or wrong way to love your baby & do what you think is best! <3

  4. Great post! Your daughter is such a cutie and I love her chevron diapers :)
    My girls slept in a crib in my room till they were 12 and 18 months. I just put the crib against the foodboard of my bed. We all slept safely and soundly. When they moved to their own rooms, they happily fell asleep on the first night!


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