Monday, September 22, 2014

I'd Say It Was A Pretty Good Weekend

Hello Everyone!
I hope that you all had a great weekend to help you get through your Monday. I know I did! My mom came into town on Thursday to help my sister with her yard sale, and it was so good to see her! I seriously feel so blessed to have the mom that I have. She is an amazing lady, and I don't know what I would do without her. Rosalie just loves her to pieces, and my mom can't get enough of her either.
I finally finished Rosalie's nursery about 2 weeks ago, and I thought I'd better take a picture.  Now if only she actually used it ha! This mama isn't anywhere close to being ready to let Rosebud leave my room though. I like having her close to me way too much. Her nursery sure is cute though ;)

I was able to get a good workout in on Friday morning, and it felt good. The goal was to make my legs burn, and I definitely achieved it! Sometimes it is so hard to get up in the mornings, but I am always so glad when I do. It is my "me time" for the day, and surprisingly enough, waking up early and working out gives me more energy throughout the day. I gotta do something since I'm nursing and can't drink any caffeine. ;)
This smile warms my heart. I love that Rosalie is starting to get her own little personality. She loves to "wave" at people, and will shake her little arm repeatedly if you look at her and talk to her. She also knows that mommy will pick her up whenever she cries, and she definitely uses this to her advantage ;) I love how happy she is in the mornings, and how talkative she is getting. My life truly changed for the better when I had her, and I know that her daddy would say the same for him.
My sister seriously had some amazing stuff at her yard sale, and I wanted to take half of it home with me. Too bad I have no space! She sold a ton of it, but still has a lot left so she is going to be doing a yard sale in Vernal on October 10th and 11th. All my Vernal peeps who want clothes, home decor, and other awesome stuff should definitely go and check it out!  Rosalie had a great time being outside in the sunshine, and Nana kept her nice and happy.
Courtney thought it would be funny to place a for sale sticker on Rose, but we all know she is worth way more than $100 ;) And I have no idea what is on my nose in this picture. Maybe it was just the camera? Not sure ha!
My mom, Rosalie, Chanse, and I went to Red Robin on Friday night to celebrate Chanse's birthday early. We had a great time, and enjoyed some yummy food! My mom and I shared a Cajun chicken sandwich, and Chanse had a free birthday burger (I love coupons!). Sorry I forgot pictures, as usual :(
Rosebud's new thing is sucking on her toes. It is so cute! She is crazy flexible, and I am jealous ;)
After the yard sale on Saturday, Chanse, Rosalie, and I went up to Logan to surprise Chanse's grandma for her birthday. Rosalie slept all the way there, and I was thrilled! BYU also beat Virginia, which made the drive even better!
The birthday party was so fun, and Rosalie got to see lots of family that she doesn't get to see very often. She also met a lot of family members for the first time. This picture below is of Rosalie and her cousin Brinley. Rose just loves her, and always gives her the biggest smiles :)
Rosalie with her sweet cousins Taya and Lexi :) Sweet Lexi waited all evening to hold her :) I have some pretty cute nieces.
Rosalie met Grandma for the first time, and it was so sweet! Grandma Chambers is the sweetest lady you will ever meet, and she has a heart of gold. I am so glad that we were able to surprise her for her birthday party :)
We got home late Saturday night, and we loved going to the LDS Temple Dedication on Sunday. My sweet sister watched Rosalie so that Chanse and I could go to the 10 o' clock session. Chanse's birthday is today, so we will be celebrating him all day. He is 26, and still as handsome as ever! I sure do love this man, and I am so grateful to call him mine :)
Have a wonderful Monday!


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PS. I have some posts coming up within the next week or so about why Rosalie sleeps in the room with us, and also about how I fit my workout in  :) Stay tuned!

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