Saturday, September 6, 2014

Camping and Hanging Out In Provo

Hello Everyone!

I thought I would do a random, but fun little update post about what has been going on the past couple of weeks. :) Hope you enjoy!

Rose and I went camping with my family while Chanse was still at his field camp, and this was her first camping trip. It wasn't ideal because of the rain, but the mountains were gorgeous, and Rose loved the fresh air. I need to get more pictures from my Dad's camera though because the only ones I have were taken in the car when it was raining.
We got in the car after a cold night in the tent so Rose could warm her little cheeks. Her body was toasty warm all night, but her little cheeks got cold :(
I got Rosalie some of the coolest dresses at a yard sale the other day, so I had Chanse put one of them on her for church. He kept calling it her pilgrim dress! That's okay though, I thought she looked adorable! :)
She is seriously getting to be so much fun (I know I say that every time I talk about her, but it's true!) She has started to discover that she can steal my glasses right off my face, and she does it all the time now. She also has started this thing were she likes to pinch necks. It is so funny, but it hurts so bad. Oh and on another cute note, she loves to touch my face while she is nursing. Cutest thing ever!!!
This is the closest the we have come to a fashion post lately ;) Really though, life is just so crazy that I have no time. My sis got me these cute overalls, and I love them!! Oh and I love Rosalie's bright pink pants, they are my all time favorites on her :)
My sweet baby girl has been sick, so I took her into the doctor to see what was wrong. He says she just has a cold, but it is so sad to see her sick :( She also hasn't been sleeping much at night, so she isn't happy about that either.   
I sent this pic to my sister the other morning at the gym. It was kind of a joke, but serious at the same time. Oh and I wanted to talk about my half marathon... it isn't happening :( Am I sad? Yes of course! But I just do not have the time to train hard enough right now. I am hoping to find another half that I can do a bit later on, but for now I am just telling myself that half marathons will always be there, and that I need to be grateful for the short time I have to workout in the mornings before Chanse leaves for the day.
Rosalie rolled onto her tummy for the first time on her 7 month birthday, and I missed it!!! :( I was making Chanse lunch in the kitchen, and I looked over and she is on her tummy! She was smiling so big, and I could tell she was just so proud of herself. I hurried and snapped a pic before she rolled back over.
She LOVES my glasses! She loves pulling them off my face, chewing on them, and even wearing them herself. She seriously just keeps them on and doesn't even try to pull them off. 
Oh and water bottles....she LOVES water bottles! I will give her a little sip from the lid sometimes, and she slurps it right down. 
Love my little cheeser!
Rosebud and Auntie Courtney with their shades :)
I think I was more excited to take this picture than she was ;) 
I pushed Rosalie in her stroller to campus to have lunch with Chanse the other day, and Rosalie was so good! She just chewed on her toy and looked at everyone we passed. She got lots of smiles from all the people she saw, and loved the fresh air. 
She also kept putting her little foot up, and it was so cute! She looked so relaxed the whole time :)

That's all of the random pictures I have for now :) I have a post coming up about Rosalie sleeping in our bedroom with us, and also one more fashion post :) I will try harder to post more regularly like I did over the summer! I just need more hours in the day ;) 

Have a wonderful weekend! Chanse and I are going to hang out once he gets home and enjoy the BYU game!


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  1. I completely understand the frustration at lack of hours in the day and unfortunately for me the first thing that gets overlooked is blogging. If only there were 27 hours in a day! LOL! Rosalie is so adorable -- love seeing all of her cute pics.

    Oh, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I know you're busy, but here's the link if you want to play along:


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