Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Life via My iPhone

I always find myself snapping away on my iPhone because it is the "camera" that I generally have on hand. I love that even though these pictures aren't quite as crisp and clear as the ones that I take on my Nikon, they still capture our everyday life, and to me that is all that really matters. 

Chanse came home from work for lunch, and Rose was happy to sit on his lap for a bit. She loves when her daddy comes home from work, and her whole face lights up when he talks to her, sings to her, and/or smiles at her. 
The other night Rosalie refused to go to sleep, so we decided to take selfies instead. She has started this new thing in the mornings where she won't sleep past 5 unless I put her in my bed with me. So at about 5 am, I will create a little safe spot for her in my bed, and let her sleep there until about 6 or 7. I personally love it because sleeping next to her is the best :)
She is doing better in her carseat most of the time as long as she has something to play with. Her hand-eye coordination is so incredible, and I can't believe how strong she is getting. Lately she has been kind of grabbing my face, hair, and neck, and oh buddy does it hurt when she gets a good grip! I can see why some moms choose to cut their hair! I swear mine is always in her little fists.
My mom and I took Rose out to Provo recently for a doctor's appointment, and we stopped for lunch. Rose was happy to be out of her carseat for a bit. :)
My mom bought her a little stuffed animal bear at Seagull Book, and she absolutely loves it! She plays with it and snuggles it all of the time! Definitely a good purchase! :)
This toy has been dubbed "wiggle worm". She loves playing with it too, and she will sit there and hug it over and over again. It is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen!
I keep having to buy Rosalie new onesies because she is growing out of them so fast! I cannot believe that she is already in 6 month clothes. Where does the time go?! It is so bittersweet because I love how she is so fun and playful now, but I of course already miss my tiny, precious newborn.
I think Rose might be getting her teeth soon because she is completely obsessed with chewing on anything and everything. I make sure to keep my hands clean most of the time because she really likes chewing on them as well.
I love capturing daddy-daughter moments. Chanse sure loves this little girl, and she adores her daddy :)
Rose is always our little helper at the Farmer's Market when we are selling our hair bows, and I love having her there. She is super good most of the time, and only gets fussy when she is hungry or hot. We have shade, a fan, and water for her though, so most of the time she does great! She is also the best bow model ever, so she attracts the customers for us ;)
We take selfies when we are bored ;)
Chanse and I decided that we wanted to try Pelican Cafe for our Anniversary. It was really good, but I don't think they gave us enough food..... ;)
This precious girl was sleeping on my lap on Sunday during church, and it melted my heart. She is wearing a dress that her Grandma and Grandpa Rinderknecht sent her from Belize, and she looked so cute!
I love my little family so much! They are my world and bring me so much happiness. I always feel blessed when I slow down long enough to think about everything that I have :)
Rose was bright eyed and bushy tailed in this picture. I love that she always wakes up so happy in the mornings. It is the best thing ever to wake up to a smiling, babbling baby who just radiates love.
Lately, Rosalie does not want to sleep unless I am holding her. Yes this makes it hard to get anything done, and yes I love it. She is still a snuggler some of the time, so I just treasure it. I know that the day will come when she no longer wants to snuggle her mama, and it is going to break my heart.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

*What's been going on in your life lately?

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  1. What precious family! Truly beautiful!

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  2. Aww I love the selfies! You can never have too many of those with the adorable baby!!


  3. Your family is just so adorable! Plus love your baby pictures with her! Such a cute post!

  4. These are just perfect, your baby is so cute! Great pictures just capture a moment not high resolution. I always end up filling my phones memory on just pictures! It is always my on hand camera too!


  5. Love all the selfless! Too cute!

  6. Aww, she is so precious! xo


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