Friday, August 29, 2014

Blog Neglect

The title says it all..... I seriously have been neglecting this poor blog so much lately, but hey, life happens right??

Maybe I should just have my smart baby girl take over the blog ;)

Hmm where to begin...
We are pretty much moved into our little place in Provo, and I really like it. I am slowly becoming convinced that you are required to have a baby in order to live in our apartment complex though ;) Just kidding....but seriously...
Chanse has been off doing his Geology stuff and exploring the mountains without me, but he is having a ton of fun so I guess I will forgive him this once.

My sissy and her hubby are back from Tennessee now, and they were so excited to see me Rosalie as soon as they got back! Warning: Once you have a child, no one will ever come to visit "you" again ;) And yes I love it!!

I have been staying with my Mom and Dad while Chanse has been away, and have loved soaking up a little bit more time with family. Seriously, they are such a big help! I was in Ross the other day, and about had a panic attack when I realized I had to carry out Rosalie, the diaper bag, and all of my bags all alone! They have these huge sticks coming up out of their carts so you can't take them outside, and I conveniently didn't notice this until AFTER I had bought all my crap.
Rose loves her Uncle Collin
My parent's yard flooded while I was there, pretty intense...

And now what you (Courtney, Mom, Andi, and all of the other family members that read my blog just for her) have been waiting for.... PICTURES OF ROSALIE! Seriously this girl is THEE best and just keeps getting better and better. She smiles, she talks ("mamamamamama" is her favorite word! Of course ;)!),  and she can roll from her stomach to her back, but refuses to roll from her back to her stomach. She's a diva ;) She is getting better at sitting up, and loves to touch faces, hair, glasses, and pretty much anything she can reach. Still nursing like a champ and growing like a weed! She also LOVES her prunes, go figure?! Basically, she's my world :
This girl LOVES chewing on bottles with water in them!
My mom made a bath sponge for Rosalie, and she absolutely loves it. My mom's creative abilities never cease to amaze me :)
Sitting up like a big girl
The best feeling ever...
She LOVES to suck her thumb! Hello braces! ;)
The best smile ever caught on camera
She likes wearing Daddy's clothes just as much as I do
Her new favorite toy "Mr. Turtle" and yes my mom bought it for her ;)
Another one of her favorite things to do is drink water from a straw
Just chillin with mom before bed :)
And here is some randomness to finish off...

Rosebud was helping me with some work stuff
Heading out to Andi and Tyler's BYU Graduation

Rosalie decided she didn't want to sit in the auditorium...
My sweet husband put Rosebud's crib together :) 
And that wooden sign is for our bedroom not hers ha
She LOVES grabbing my face and I love it too :)
Sending pictures to daddy...
Just a deer chillin on BYU Campus
Photo Cred: The hubby
I finally used my birthday gift from January. It was great!

Chanse is about to jump into regular classes, and I have my hands full with Rosalie and work, so it looks like a busy school year for us. This is Chanse's last year of undergrad though, and to say I am excited would be a huge understatement. As usual, I will blog when I can :)


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  1. So glad you are getting settled. Rosalie is just too cute!

    Heidi D.

  2. It's so fun to see pictures of your darling Rosalie!! Love her painted finger nails!! <3


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