Friday, July 4, 2014

Snapshots From the Week

I am always snapping pictures throughout each day and I love how they all capture moments from the week that I look back on and treasure :)

Rose has recently discovered that she has a tongue, and she loves sticking it out !
Rosebud had some big smiles for Nana as always :)
This girl absolutely loves chewing on anything and everything right now, and she is getting so good with her hands!
There is nothing more precious than a sleeping baby
Enjoying the sunshine :)
She is getting better and better when she is in her carseat and it is making life so much easier!
Rosalie's new favorite thing is to look into my eyes when I am holding her. It is so precious, and it makes me want to just stare at her and talk to her all day long.
Just being cute
Chanse and I had a date night this last week and we went to see Les Miserables. It was an amazing play, and it was so nice to have a night out together.
My sweet mom watched Rosalie for us, and she sent me this picture when I asked her how Rosalie was doing :) Such a good Nana!
I guess Rosalie is truly embracing Vernal...dinosaurs and all ha!

Mom and Rosalie selfie
My mom and I always take Rosalie with us when I work with her, and she just hangs out while we work. She is such a good baby!
Yeah that's right, I get to wake up to this in the morning. Be jealous ;)
Rosalie was taking a snooze one day while I worked with my mom, and she was so dang cute that I had to take a picture of her.
She was so excited that she just kept wiggling and wiggling. That is her new thing that she does now when she is super excited and happy.
Chanse finally got his bear rug, and he loves it! Look at that massive bear!


  1. I miss all of you guys so much! Rose is getting too big & getting cuter & cuter every second! Chanse's rug is sweet-you should take a picture with Rose's head right by the bears mouth & send it to me haha
    Love you!

    1. haha K I will try and remember! You know my brain lately :P


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