Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm a Different Person Now

I think back to before I had Rosalie, and I realize that I am a different person now. I knew the moment I saw her and they put her on my chest that my life was going to be completely different. A new chapter was beginning... 
 I mean, I am still me of course, but a completely new me. The Rachel before Rosalie was completely focused on herself and of course her husband, but that was pretty much it. My day consisted of working out, going to school, working, doing homework, making dinner, spending time with Chanse, and then bed. Or at least some variation of that each day. About 90% of my day was focused just on me, myself, and I. Now I don't think this was bad, BUT I feel like I see the world with new eyes now that I have Rosalie. I realize that while I still need to take care of my sweet husband, myself and have my "me time',  I am perfectly okay with putting most of my energy into raising Rosalie and being a good mom to her. 

She lights up my world each morning, and I love watching her sleep peacefully at night. She makes me smile whenever I see her face, and when she cries, it breaks off a chunk of my heart. I love being able to spend my days with her, and I feel so grateful to have a husband who is willing to work so hard for us. Watching the relationship that the two of them have is precious to me, and Rosalie is already Daddy's little girl. She has him wrapped around her little finger. I am also grateful that having Rosalie in our lives has helped Chanse and I to grow closer and to love each other more. We truly are a family now and forever.
Looking back I also realize how many things I took for granted, like getting in and out of a car in two seconds, going to the gym whenever I wanted to, and not having to worry about finding a sitter for date night. On the other hand, I didn't realize how exciting all of the small moments in life are when you have a baby. Rosalie gets so excited to see bright colors and hear sounds on the television screen, she loves being outdoors, and she can't get enough of when people smile at her. All of these things are new to her, and so exciting. I feel like I appreciate life so much more now that she is here. 
I can honestly say that I love the new me, and I feel like I was born to be a mom to Rosalie. I am far from being a perfect parent, but I love being a parent and I work hard every single day to improve. It is okay to change when you become a parent because guess what?! Your whole perspective on life changes when you hold your sweet baby for the very first time :) I felt love that I had never felt before when I first held Rosalie, and I knew right then that I had a new calling in life.
Rosalie is a gift straight from Heaven, and I am so excited to see what the future has in store for our little family!



  1. Wow, that's great Rachel.. I hope to experience such a feeling one day!


  2. She is beautiful! It really does change your world:)

    Heidi D.

  3. What an absolutely beautiful little girl!

    xo, Michaela

  4. How adorable. I connect with you on that level as I just had my first in January. It's amazing how you see life through a different lens! Thanks for linking up with Let Your Light Shine Thursdays!

  5. You're an awesome mommy!! I can't wait to get back & hang out with this girl! She is learning so many new things & I need to be there!! I never wanted kids until I saw this angel for the first time :) Love you!

  6. This post is so sweet. Love your little family!!
    xo Kat


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